Welcome to Sound Genetics!

We have but one humble aim here…to be your one-stop shop for all things home-audio!

Having spent 25 years in the audio industry, I’ve seen (and heard!) it all.

Today, there’s a lot of noise in the market and the abundance of choice is a little overwhelming.

Of course, this is a beautiful thing. We now have fantastic audio equipment available in all shapes and sizes… and at affordable prices too!

But, more choice means more confusion.

Nobody wants to spend hours wading through an endless sea of information, with no “listen before you buy” option and have no idea of the sound quality until the product is in their hands!

So, with all the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated over the years, I’ve set up Sound Genetics as a way to share my expertise.

I want this site to do all that hard work for you! By offering comparisons and reviews for a wide variety of audio products, I hope to make your decision almost effortless.

Sound Genetics is an unbiased information source for whatever you’re looking for – underwater headphones, an affordable pair of studio monitors, that dream home studio, we offer it all.

Enough of me – go forth and find your listening experience of choice!

– Dan Mannings (Chief Editor)