Best Music Apps You Should Know About

There can’t be a person on Earth who doesn’t love listening to good music. Besides being the best stress buster, it also brings out the most creative, productive, and positive side in us. These days, with smartphones and multiple other devices at our assistance, everything has become quite accessible, including music.  The music industry has had a significant shift from selling physical media to streaming over the past decade.

With the help of these devices, you can listen to your favorite music anywhere, anytime you want. But having a device is not all you need. In order to enjoy your favorite songs and podcasts, you will also need some amazing music apps that can get all your favorite tracks to you.  

Top 9 Amazing Music Apps You Should Be Enjoying

1. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is one of the most popular music apps that helps you discover new and independent artists and songs. The app contains both music and podcasts from its users and from the major label music companies. 

You will find multiple ways to access SoundCloud, such as Free, Pro, Go, and Go+. If you are running the app through the free tier, some major-label music will not be available for you. You might be able to listen to a song or two, but you’ll need a SoundCloud Go+ account to access the entire album. 

The SoundCloud Go scheme offers offline and ad-free listening, which is what most listeners appreciate. The free tier offers around 120 million songs, podcasts, and more whereas, the Go+ tier can help you gain access to more than 200 million tracks, podcasts, etc. 

2. Shazam


We all have those moments when we hear a song or a tune and just can’t figure out which song it is. It can be quite a frustrating and uncomfortable feeling. Well, cheer up because there is a solution to this problem that you might not be aware of. 

Thanks to Shazam, we can finally figure out what that song is. Shazam is one of the first apps to introduce a music recognition feature that detects the song from the tune or lyrics. Ever since it came out, Shazam has continuously evolved to become better and improve its features. 

It provides error-free recognition of songs, jingles, and TV commercials, and even after all these years, it’s still one of the best apps for music identification. 

3. Tidal

Tidal is a music, podcast, and video streaming service that contains high-quality audio and high-definition music videos with exclusive content and features. According to Tidal, you can have access to more than 70 million tracks and around 250,000 music videos due to their distribution agreements with all major record labels and several independent musicians as well. 

One of the prominent points that highlighted Tidal among its competitors, such as Spotify, was exclusive content, especially from all the artists who co-owned it. Some of these big names from the music industry who co-own the app include Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Madonna, Calvin Harris, Usher, Daft Punk, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, and more. 

Tidal offers a wide range of subscription choices, from premium, which provides the standard service, to HiFi, for gaining access to exclusively lossless tracks.

4. Spotify


Spotify is one of the most massive and popular music streaming services, with more than 345 million active users per month. It offers a wide range of music and podcasts with over 70 million songs. The basic features of the app are free to use but contain advertisements and specified accessibility. If you are looking for offline and ad-free listening, you should go premium. 

The free version permits the audience to create playlists for different events and moods. They can also make a playlist for a specific person and share it with them. In March 2021, Spotify openly declared their upcoming update, Spotify Hi-Fi, which will have higher-resolution sound. The exact date of its availability is not yet known.

5. Apple Music

Apple Music

In 2015, Apple Inc. brought us Apple Music, an audio and video streaming service that helps its users to play their favorite music on their devices. The service also gave birth to internet radio stations, such as Apple Music Hits, Apple Music Country, and more which go live in over 200 countries throughout the day. 

However, Android users do not have to worry, as this app is available for Android and iOS. What started as a music streaming service has now become more than that as they are working hard on their video content as well. This content will feature music videos, concert recordings, etc.  

6. Deezer


Deezer is a music streaming service that originated in France and contains around 73 million licensed music tracks from various record labels, such as Warner Music Group, Sony Music, etc. It also features a wide range of podcasts that you can stream in both online and offline modes. Deezer is accessible by Web, Android, iOS, Windows, and more. 

There are multiple types of accounts and subscriptions available for Deezer users. All the different types of subscriptions can help you gain access to unlimited and ad-free listening. The different accounts available are Deezer Free, Deezer Student, Deezer Premium, Deezer Family, Deezer Annual, and Deezer HiFi. 

7. Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Launched in 2007, Amazon Music is a music streaming service provided by Amazon. It allows you to listen to your favorite songs online and select the apt subscription for yourself. There are different ways through which you can enjoy the app. 

  • Amazon Music Free is the service that gives you the power to access the top tracks and playlists for free but does not provide an ad-free service. 
  • Amazon Music Prime is a music streaming service that comes with an Amazon Prime membership without any additional charges. All Prime members can access more than 2 million songs that also accommodate thousands of stations and top playlist which provide ad-free listening. It also provides you the luxury to listen to your music offline with as many skips as you like. 
  • Amazon Music Unlimited is also a good choice as you can enjoy all the amazing features of Amazon Music Prime with the addition of a lot more. It has over 50 million songs that can never let you miss anything out. If you wish to listen to an artist’s full album, the right call is to go with Amazon Music Unlimited. 

That’s not all. Another subscription option for users is Amazon Music HD, a premium quality music subscription with around 70 million songs in HD and millions of songs in UHD. Offering a wide range of subscription options, Amazon Music can help you have a good time.  

8. Idagio

Founded back in 2015, Idagio is a paid streaming service with a special weapon in terms of classical music. It is often difficult to find good classical music on many other music apps, which is why this app helps classical music lovers to indulge in good time by listening to their favorite songs and music. 

It also offers an efficient search function, high-quality sound, and a massive catalog of music. It has features that can help you filter your favorite tracks by composer, orchestra, soloist, and much more. Its Weekly Mix is another exciting touch that delivers you a great mix of recent and traditional music. 

The free tier contains quite limited options to listen to, which can be a fun killer, but the Premium+ subscription can help you enjoy on-demand and ad-free music along with offline listening. It also comes with the feature to connect to several Bluetooth speakers. It is an excellent app that delivers good tools and services for finding and streaming high-quality music. 

9. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is an internet music company that is the best source to discover new music and artists. The app accentuates the music from several thousand artists and record labels which are mostly small and independent, making its content fresher and more enjoyable. 

Different artists and labels can upload their music to Bandcamp and influence its sale by establishing their rates and allowing users the choice to contribute more. Users can buy their favorite music in the form of digital downloads or physical copies, such as vinyl, cassette tapes, etc. 

Moreover, users can enjoy their favorite music by either downloading their purchases or streaming it on the app. It is a convenient option for small and independent artists who are trying to make it big as they can upload music to Bandcamp for free. 


Everybody wishes to enjoy their favorite music in high quality, without interruptions, and at a reasonable price. But many of them struggle to find the right fit for themselves and their devices. With this article, we intend to give you an overview of all the amazing music apps out there and a glance at their most impressive and not-so-impressive features. 

Many of these apps to learn music will not only provide you great entertainment but also help you get a better sense of music and instruments.