The History of the Turntable and Vinyl

modern turntable

Music enthusiasts consider the turntable as one of the most authentic ways to listen to many legendary songs or albums in music history. This is because some renowned artists, bands, or singers have first produced singles and albums using vinyl, a type of record used to play music on the turntable. Several notable music artists … Read more

Ways to Test & Tag Electronics

If you live in Australia and run a business, you may notice that there are rules and regulations that require you to have every device tested and tagged properly every so many months in order to maintain them and keep them in your workplace – and we mean EVERY electrical item that plugs into electrical … Read more

Best Affordable Noise-Canceling Headphones for College Students

If you often take public transportation or travel on planes and trains, you may have wondered about noise-canceling headphones to reduce some of the lower-frequency ambient noise surrounding you. Several different types of technology use either digital processing or soundproofing to minimize sounds in order to create a quiet atmosphere. The experts at My Paper … Read more

Earbud Safety for Toddlers and Children

Almost everyone has a piece of the modern technology – including children. Smartphones, tablets, video game consoles and MP3 players are in every child’s backpack. Kids would often use earbuds as they listen to music, watch YouTube videos and play games. It’s a good activity to keep themselves preoccupied while settling themselves at the backseat … Read more

The Difference Between Earphones and Earbuds

It’s quite common for people to use the terms “earphones” and “earbuds” interchangeably. But actually, there is a significant difference between the two. This article takes a closer look at earbuds and earphones and delineate their distinctions, from their appearance to their noise cancellation capabilities.  1. Appearance People tend to confuse earphones and earbuds as … Read more

What Is the IPX Rating, and Does It Matter?

When you are looking to buy a new set of waterproof speakers or outdoor headphones or earphones, chances are you may have encountered the IPX rating. It doesn’t mean anything to you, right? But now, it’s time for you to know about IPX ratings because they will definitely influence your decision in buying the right … Read more

How Music Affects Our Lives

How Music Affects Our Lives

Music, as a form of art, is something that has accompanied humanity from the early stages. Such a crucial part of our culture, it is also a preferred way of expression for many of us. There is a lot we can tell from a beautiful melody and being able to do that makes life a … Read more

The History of the Speaker

The History of the Speaker

The speaker, or loudspeaker, have been a staple when it comes to sound systems. Speakers are found in home entertainment systems, computers, and even integrated into gadgets like phones. They are used in many applications, like sporting events, parties, gatherings, seminars and the like. But have you ever wondered how the idea of a loudspeaker … Read more