Cowboy Hats Profiles and Styles

The original design of the cowboy hats had a tall and rounded crown. The brim of the hats used to be flat and wide. Previously, most western hats were made of straw, felt, or leather. The hats used to come with a simple sweatband that enhanced the stability of the hats. However, the customization process of the hats started with rolling the brim and creasing the crown. This is why modern cowboy hats are made of unique style. Nowadays, manufacturers also include a decorative hatband to accent its features. Cowboy hats are available in any color. But most cowboy hats are painted in brown, beige, or black.

The modern western hats are adorned with knuckles or bows to the left of the hatband. This feature is beneficial for right-handed people. Additionally, the ornaments of the western hats can also be used as a weapon. However, the modern cowboy hats are focused on the fashion statement due to the popularity of western movies.

How to Determine the Style?

The crease of the western hats is one of the most important factors as it determines the individual character of the hat and helps the wearer to identify the particular subculture. The crease will help you remove the hat without touching the crown, but rather the brim. Keep in mind that each style in the western hat showcases the functionality. Here are some examples of popular creases:

The Cattleman Crease

The cattleman crease is not only the oldest type of crease for the western hats but also the most famous and traditional. The popularity of cattleman crease exploded when ranch owners wanted to differentiate from the Rodeo Cowboy look. The cattleman comes with a narrower yet taller crease to the center of the crown with two creases alongside the edge. The larger crown was effective during strong winds or rain as the cowboy would place the hat further down the head so that it won’t blow away. The cattleman crease is perfect for gentleman hats due to their compatibility at parties and weddings. Many manufacturers are combining the cattleman crease with the Straw Hat lines to make it more attractive.

Depending on the wearer, the cattleman hats come with slight variations in style.

The Pinch Front Crease

The pinch front crease is dependent on two types of common style crowns, the diamond crown, and the tear-drop crown. These styles are typically seen on formal fedoras and outback style hats. The pinch front cowboys hats are different from the normal fedora as the brim is typically larger and compliments the traditional cowboy looks. Some pinch front hats are customized in the form of traditional western hat styles. Most of the time, women prioritize the Pinch Front crease hats over the traditional cattleman crease hats. The pinch front hats will help you showcase the delicate and narrower jawlines. It will also help you look thinner.

Make sure you pay close attention while purchasing Pinch Front Crease hats. Additionally, make sure the brim is unturned as well as made of lightweight straw so that it can sit comfortably over your head.

The Montana Crease

The Montana crease got its name from the state of Montana. Even though this crease has lots of similarities to the cattleman crease, there are some differences. The indentations on the Montana crease are smaller and less pronounced than the back of the crown. Additionally, the center dent is much more pinched and pronounced on the front, but less pronounced on the back. This is why the appearance of the Montana crease has a downward slope and the crests are high on the back. In the Northern parts of America, this hat is one of the most popular cowboy hats as the style is only exclusive to Montana.

For the last couple of years, the popularity of the Montana crease has exploded as the hats started gaining a lot of attention from the hat wearers. If you want to showcase your cowboy fashion statement effectively, you should choose this hat without any hesitation.

Telescope Gambler Crease

The Gambler Cowboy Hat, also known as the Telescope Crease came from the Mexican cowboys who traveled from South American to Mexico. The lower height of the crown will save you from the hot air and provide you excellent protection against the sun’s rays. As per Medlineplus, the sun’s rays can darken your skin. The telescope gambler hat is very similar to the Bolero. Most of the Gambler hats are crafted from wool felt or fur. There are many other types of hats derived from the Gambler Telescope Crease such as the Porkpie. The Porkpie is one of the most famous hats that were originally by Brian Cranston’s character in Breaking Bad. The Telescope Gambler is one type of creaseless hat and the crown of the hat is completely rounded on top. The functionality of the Gambler Crease is greater than the fashion statement.


As the popularity of cowboy hats is increasing in society, the styles are also evolving as per the traditional looks. Nowadays, western hats are not only a fashion statement but also a modern rancher.