How to Avoid Sports Betting Frauds: 10 Tips

Gambling players should lookout for predators that are ready and waiting to steal their hard-earned money from them. Although there are several sports betting outfits that you should stay away from now, even in today’s world of Internet and high communication levels. In this article, we’ll examine ten tips that help you stay safe when betting online and stay away from danger.

What is their Purpose?

Prior to spending a penny at an online sports메이저놀이터, research is the most important thing. Find out where their company is located by searching for their company information. Are they able to be reached by phone? Don’t waste your time if you don’t. If they do, you might want to give it a call.

Google and other Search Engines

If you are thinking about buying something, take a moment to use Google, MSN, and Yahoo before committing to anything. Check out the site and the company name that appear when you type in the website’s name. Look for other places if you find blogs and forums criticizing the area. I recommend as a starting point.

Email Address for Contact

It would be good to find the company’s email address on the site or on the contact page, and send them a quick email. Feel free to ask them a question or two if you are considering signing up. You can watch their response time. Once you’ve waited for a while and you haven’t heard anything, leave.

Payout Time

You should expect your payment to be processed within 24 hours at reputable sports betting sites. No good reason or excuse exists for waiting any longer. It’s tough to know about this one. Research can be helped by using Tip Two.


Almost every online sports book offers some type of bonus and that’s great. In any case, be careful about places that seem too good to be true when it comes to bonuses. You should check the bonus terms in order to discover what you have to do in order to qualify and withdraw the bonus. The place might be a scam as long as there is no information on the bonuses. Make sure to avoid any companies listed as blacklisted in!

Choosing a Bet Line

There’s nothing complicated about this one. There are rogue sports books that sometimes alter their lines for their general public to appear more favorable. Ensure the lines are somewhat similar to those from other sports books. As far as odds offered, there will be a lot of variation in most sports books, but generally speaking, they are all quite similar.

How to Make a Deposit

If you want to bet on sports, find a book that offers many options. Do not accept online gambling sources that only accept checks, cash, or money orders. Many reliable sportsbooks accept deposits through third-party financial services like NETeller.

Amounts Deposited

Don’t gamble in any sports book that asks for a big initial deposit. Even sports books that accept $10 deposits are considered good. The places you need to avoid are those that require huge deposits up front.

A Guide to Small Deposits

A general rule is that you shouldn’t deposit a large sum of money into any sports book. Place the amount you intend to bet for a couple of days in a bankroll. It is okay to deposit money into a sports book after you are comfortable with it or have information about their legitimacy.

Checking Bonuses

Whenever you place a bet, check your bonus status (or points) to see if you have earned a bonus. There is a history of software failures and errors. You shouldn’t take this to mean that the sports book is trying to cheat you. Please notify the sports book as soon as possible if you discover an error.

You’ve got it now. Get a safer online gambling experience when you follow these ten tips. By following these tips, you’ll be able to remain safe when sports betting online and concentrate more on the fun part of winning. Hope you have a good day.