How to find out if your Duramax head is damaged

Duramax engine has bought us some of the main features on board. They have improved the overall experience for many cars. But this also brings some of the problems that are still a problem. One of them is damaged Duramax heads. The Duramax head causes some severe issues to the whole engine after using the same Duramax head for several years. As the head becomes old, it loses all its strength and creates a massive gap for the whole Duramax engine. The hole can cause some high pressure and boost situation to the engine. But if you know how to find out if the Duramax engine or Duramax head is damaged, then you can quickly fix this problem before the Duramax head reaches its final stage. So read this article to find out.

Check the coolant

The first thing that you will notice when you have a broken or damaged Duramax engine is that you will lose coolant but won’t see any leaks. Most of the time, the coolant passes from behind the passage fender side. But it is tough to see, and if you are driving, then it is quite impossible. The thing happens most when you are driving your car and having a full throttle. You will notice that the whole engine temperature will be lower than usual, which is bad for the engine. In the colder temperature, most of the time engine enables us to run at its optimal performance. If your engine started losing heat for a long time, you would notice some head gasket problem appearing in your engine.

But there are some ways that you can follow to make sure that your coolant is okay or not. So when your engine is running, upper the hose of the radiator. But use some common sense and touch the hose carefully because it becomes so hot while running the engine. If you feel that process is more complicated, you can purchase a machine that will check the coolant system’s pressure.

The EGR cooler

The EGR cooler is one of the things that you will make sure is working correctly. Sometimes when the EGR cooler is broken or has some issue, it can often send exhaust gases to the coolant system. That will cause more trouble in both the EGR and the whole coolant system. So make sure to check if the EGR cooler has any such type of issue or not.

Fix the head gasket problem

If you find out the problem, you don’t want to sit there and make your car rotten. One of the things that you want to make sure of is to go to the nearest shop and check the overall pressure of the full cooler system. The pressure checking is essential because you don’t want to find the same problem after changing the heads. The second important thing is if you are in a situation that you need to change some Duramax heads, then make sure that the head is not wrapped. If you install a new head to the warped head, then the chance of leaking is very much. There is often some thought in most people that the overall pressure won’t be the same after changing some parts to the engine. But the truth is the pressure will still be the same if you change any parts of your engine. If you want to install some new Duramax heads, then there are mainly three types of heads. Those are A, B, and C. Some engine has both A and B in each one side of the engine. So before purchasing them, make sure to check if your car engine requires two models of Duramax head or one.