How to Improve Your Chances Betting on Horse Racing?

Many of us love to place a bet on big races like the Belmont Stakes and the Kentucky Derby.

Still, what are the best tips available for making the most of your wagers and giving yourself the best chance of success?

Carry Out Some Research

You no longer need to be a horse racing expert to make a wise, informed bet. This is because all of the information that you need to know can be found very easily online. The first step is to look for a race to bet on, and with so many top races to choose from it is a question of narrowing down your options based on which ones appeal to you.

After that, you will want to see which horses are in a good position to win the race. This means taking into account factors such as their current form and how much the conditions are likely to suit them.

Next, you need to decide whether the current price makes this a good bet or not. Ideally, you will want to find a horse that has reasonably long odds but that you think has a very good chance of winning, as this would give you a nice return. Backing a favorite can also make sense, although you won’t win as much if the odds are very short.

A look at online tipsters and horse racing blogs can help you to work out which horses are expected to well in any upcoming horse race. If you watch a lot of races, then you could start you keep your own database with details of the horse and jockeys that you are interested in.

Choose the Right Type of Bet

There might be situations that you feel strongly about which horse will win, or you might even be confident of naming the first two or three of them to come home. Yet, at other times you may be less certain about the finishing positions, even if you think you know which horses will be in the top three.

This is why there is a variety of different types of bets that you can choose from. The likes of win, place, show, exacta and trifecta all give you different ways of predicting what will happen in the race. Take a moment to consider how confident you are on each bet and whether choosing a different type might be better.

You should also think about when you place the bet. For instance, if you make a bet long before the race you might get better odds on a certain horse, although there is going to be the risk that he gets injured or something else happens to lower his chances before the date of the race.

Look for Special Offers

Using a special offer will help your money to go further, meaning that you have a chance of winning more than would otherwise be the case. You might get a welcome bonus for joining up, which would allow you to place a free bet without even touching your own funds.

Another possibility is that you are offered a cashback or enhanced odds on a certain race. This sort of deal is often given on huge races like the American Triple Crown events. Look out for the latest horse betting offers to make a decision on which ones suit you best.

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By taking all of these points into account you aren’t guaranteed a win every time. However, you will be giving yourself the best possible chance of picking up some winnings in a way that lets you enjoy watching the races even more than before.