Instagram –Top 7 Alternative Apps That You Need

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps out there. Millions of people use the app to showcase their artistic, media, writing, and entertainment-related work. You also use the app to connect with your friends and family members. The application provides users with a ton of interactive features. This is the reason that the app enjoys such a large number of followers from all over the world.
To use Instagram and related applications, make sure to subscribe to an internet connection. An economic offering like Spectrum internet prices works well for me. You may be on the lookout for an alternate to Instagram. 

The following passages are about the best alternatives to Instagram.


Retrica is quite similar to Instagram and is both a social network and media platform for photos and videos. In contrast to Instagram, Retrica can also support GF image formats. This allows for greater usability for users. On the app, you can also create a gif yourself from a collage of photos that you have uploaded. Retrica comes with features like filters, editing effects, stickers, stamps, and more. You can edit your photos and videos to take them to the very next level and express your creativity as well. Furthermore, you can connect with like-minded individuals in the community. Also, the good news is that Retrica is available on both IOS and Android.

Vigo Video

Instagram doesn’t allow you to import any musical sound effects into your videos but with Vigo Video, you can do this! Formerly known as Flipagram, this application will allow you to create videos and fun photo slideshows in which you can fully express your creativity. This is a brilliant social network app that comes with talented users from all over the world. The good news is that you can have your post featured too. You can also engage in fun challenges that will make you get all the more creative with your work.


Snapchat is a great application for photo lovers who want to share their images and videos for only 24 hours with their friends. It is similar to Instagram in that you can share your photos with the users but because of the time limit, the photos will disappear automatically after a day. Snapchat is also a great camera app because of the plenty of filters that it comes with. So, if you’re looking for a good camera app then Snapchat may just be your best bet

We Heart It

We heart it is another popular platform for image sharing and making quotes instagrammers can also use this application to create photos that resonate with their creativity the layout of the application is quite similar to that of Pinterest and you can browse at to find photos that match with your interest you can upload your photos here and tap the heart button on the photos that you like to add them to your heart’s section


Pinterest is not just a place for people to collect recipes, craft ideas, or tech photos but it is also a place for them to develop their taste in creative photos, HD backgrounds, and more! The best part about Pinterest is that you can save any image that you like in the form of a pin. Because of this, you can watch it later to take inspiration from it. If you are a graphic artist then Pinterest will definitely become your go-to application for visual designs.


Even though Flicker does not have as many users as Instagram but the application comes with amazing photo filters, editing effects, and a very user-friendly feed menu. Here you can get access to plenty of pictures, emojis, visual effects, and more to take your photography to the next level. It is definitely worth checking out. The highly interactive features of the app will surely make you fall in love with it.

This was all about the best alternatives to Instagram. Try them out to see which one works best for you. A mobile internet plan will enable you to use these apps even on the go. Make sure that you are connected all the time to respond to any appreciation of your work that you may receive on these apps