Review of Oomo 3D 5.1 Surround Sound Earbuds

Are you a game enthusiast, an aspiring artist, or a movie lover? If you are, then the Oomo 3D 5.1 Surround Sound earbud is for you. They are the world’s first surround sound earbuds and is endorsed by Hollywood’s multi-award-winning audio team at Universal Studios.

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Oomo earphones deliver sound clearly with its surround sound system. It will allow you to hear every note crisp and clear when you listen to music. It delivers big, warm and detailed sound, unlike other earphones which has audiophile sound and often tends to be dry and a little bit thin. Oomo has its own patent pending Oomo technology that offers a movie theater surround sound like experience.

This earphone provides a big wrap-around sound which is perfect while walking or taking a train going somewhere. It will give you a good feeling that will have your feet tapping to the rhythm of your music. Thanks to the immersive sound the earphones offer.

These earphones have been sourced and marketed by a Los Angeles based entrepreneur named Aaryan Ramzan. Aaryan has been following the development of these impressive earphones for 8 years, that were developed by Dr. James Lee from Taiwan. Dr. Lee researched, developed and made patents for Oomo.

The design of Oomo incorporates a triple-cavity acoustic structure and a five-channel sound division. Dr. Lee claims that this unique design is the one that delivers the 3D immersive experience. As all the sounds are distributed in distinct channels, it allows the user to hear every aspect of the output produced.

The earphones are made using a viscoelastic material inside the mechanical structure that makes frequencies be refined to produce clear output. The material also absorbs unwanted feedback inside the structure which provides an optimal acoustic environment sound.

It is packaged with a great selection of silicone and memory foam ear tips in a range of sizes. It is placed in a zippered carry case and has a remote control with a built-in microphone. This is convenient so you can take calls while watching a movie or listening to music. Also, you can get all these features at a very affordable price.

The sound from this earphone is delivered in a very wide arc and the bass moves the air. You can almost feel the low-level rumble when playing music, and you can hear every sound clearly. When watching a movie, you will be able to hear every tinkle of broken glass in a fight scene, tire screech during a car chase, and a pin drop in the movie soundtrack.

The earphones will remind you of watching a movie with surround sound system just like in a cinema. It is a highly-recommended earphone when watching a movie either on your tablet or laptop. It is the closest you can get similar to a television soundbar that fits in your pocket.

Aaryan Ramzan is genius for creating this Oomo headphone. He sourced the technology to produce a pair of earphones that gives a pleasing sonic sound. It is offered at a very affordable price for a pair of quality earphones that will give you a movie theater sound. Oomo certainly offers something very special.