Slot Machine Strategy: Best Music Pokies

Online slots are virtual casinos where you can play basic games found on physical casinos from your devices and receive numerous payouts. To have the best slot machine strategy and get the best tricks to win on slot machines, you need to understand the working of the slots. Slots are usually based on chance, meaning there are not many tips for slot machines, and a little strategy is involved. This means that one player can be deemed luckier compared to the other based on how they spin. However, some online slot tips are; beginning with free games, good choice of slots, studying the paytable among others.

Online Slot Tips: How to Win Pokies

Playing slots can be fun and exciting. These allow players to explore their gambling capabilities and the games are usually based on pure luck. Therefore, winning is not based on a given pattern or a specific strategy. The issue of hot and cold slot machines is superstitious but you can find numerous tips for winning slots, tricks to winning on slot machines, and music pokies tips from this review. I’m sure we will give you the best machine tips, online slot tips, and the best online slots strategy to help you choose the best slot game.

10 Tips For Winning:

  • Maximum betting
  • Don’t chase losses
  • Play with coins
  • Play high denominations
  • Lower your odds for complicated games
  • Don’t think of Due payouts
  • Test the games you indulge in
  • Always have a set budget
  • Play in a good mood
  • Determine the RTP first

Best Music Slots

Long ago, music slots had limited features. Currently, there are a lot of exciting features which will have you wanting to play the game you want. Therefore, with the many games in the scene, it is good that you hunt for the slots which possess features you may enjoy. Therefore, among other features, music slots have pay lines that are winning combinations, wilds that are classic symbols, free spins which allow you to earn more in-game bonuses, and volatility which is the frequency of game payouts. Additionally, there are scatter pays, ways to win, coins, RTP, split symbols, multiplier symbols, cascading reels, gamble feature, and bonus games.

Jimi Hendrix Slot Game

Jimi Hendrix, made by NetEnts, is one music-themed slot just like GunsN’Roses. The game has several free spins, a lot of scatters, and wild icons. From the individuals who may not understand the history, Jimi Hendrix was an American rock legend in the 1960s. he was also considered the best electric guitarist of all time. This is why the game’s graphics are of him playing his guitar which has been rendered well graphically. When a person is lucky to win, Jimi comes up to the screen to play a solo. The slot possesses the usual format of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 lines where you can play from 20p to 200 euros.

The game possesses an RTP of 96.91% which is a little bit higher compared to the other spin games. This guarantees you high winnings. However, before committing to play the game fully, it is good to play the free version first to familiarize yourself with everything. During the game, you can play around 150 to 200 spins before you deposit actual money to the game. If you are a Jimi Hendrix music fan, I’m sure you will love the game.

Michael Jackson Slot Machine

For lovers of music around the world who enjoy Michael Jacksons’ songs, you can now play the singers themed game. It is a game that recognizes his contributions to the music industry. The slot games are usually loaded with pictures of the pop king, the accessories that he had as well as a collection of his hit songs. All these features are meant to entertain you as you play the game. These slot machines are available for real money-playing experience in various spots of the world. The game slots have a total of 5 reels as well as 25 pay lines which have a maximum bet of around 320 credits.

It is a penny slot machine that offers 5 significant bonuses that increase the chances of winning. Engraved in it are video clips as well as famous singers from Michael Jackson’s collection. Some of the hit songs that are included in the slot machine are; Billie Jean, Bad, Dirty Diana, Beat it, and Criminal. The main symbol on the slot machines are images of Michael Jackson from his album, Dangerous, Other symbols found on the reels are the signature famous hat by the singer, gloves, studded shoes, and card values J, Q, K, 10, and 9. There is also one WILD symbol in the game that can be used in destroying all the other reel symbols.


This is one fun slot machine game that brings together the soul and heart of rock to your screen. The main inspiration behind the game is the Guns N’ Roses rock band which has music themes with great sounds and graphics. The game, created by net Entertainment has several impressive characters for instance slash and Axl Rose. However, it is meant for review and introduction in the future. Looking at the graphics and animations, the game is lively and appropriate in bringing rock music right to your fingertips. The character symbols are impressively combined with the poker symbols since they resemble a 3-card music pokies online.

The sound effects are also incredible with smooth-moving animations which you must love. Additionally, when it comes to the gameplay, it has 5 reels and a 25 pay line video slot which has several bonus features. These bonuses give the game the perfect balance and add a lot of fun to it. The primary function of the game is to bring the rocking experience to players as well as the brand’s fans from the late 80s and 90s. Some of the other features which you must be prepared to find in the game are wild shows, the legendary response, the solo multiplier as well as the destruction world which increase the fun in the gameplay.

Elvis Lives Slot

Elvis Lives music pokies is a WMS online slots game that revolutionizes the experience of the King. This very exciting game has a catchy roll and rock soundtrack which has four major bonus features that are picking a prize, free spins, and jackpot game among other lesser features. From the theme of the game, the developer has done a great job with the inclusion of a retro look with pictures of the king as well as a good soundtrack in the background.

You can be sure that players and lovers of rock won’t be bored while playing the game. In the game, there are 60 pay lines and players can wager about 20 to 100 coins per paylines. However, there is a need to keep an eye on the balance as there is no set win or loss limit. The RTP of the game is 95.72% and this percentage dictates to you the amount of money that you can earn from the inclusion of 100 coins. Additionally, there are several bonus-based features.

These are the aloha free spins, the Jumpsuit Picker bonus, and the TCB Free spins. All these features make sure that, whether a fan of classical music or not, you will be able to enjoy while playing the game. Not only is the game exciting, but there are also several big wins expected, and is highly recommended for players with a taste of vintage music.

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of The Opera slots game revolutionizes the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical uniquely. This is extremely stunning, the game features key cinematic graphics with a good soundtrack and very thrilling gameplay. The game has 243 ways to win format that guarantees high excitement every time reels are spun with 2 bonuses that help much in winning the prize. The reels also include several multipliers and wilds and three bonus features for free spins.

The game has an RTP of 96% and this means that for every 100 euros you place, you can get a return of 96 euros and this is what keeps the game exciting. Looking at the three bonus features you can get, you can enjoy some amazing functionalities. First, you can get 10 free spins with wild reels. Additionally, the masquerade bonus where generous cash prizes are awarded and finally, 10 free spins together with dancing wilds. The game is found in many casinos all around the world, for instance, Casino and is licensed by micro gaming. With good marketing and showcasing of key features, the game may become one of the best slot games which helps players and fans accrue high bonuses and cash wins while also enjoying the moments.

Rock Star Slot

This is because it can capture the feeling of being a superstar. Within the game are fame, glamor, and a lot of money you can win. Every fan and player of the game can experience the world of a rock and roll star. Features of a luxurious and comfortable life, as well as a lot of rewards, are engraved in this slots game. Rock Star Slot has 30 paylines and 5 reels and this means that any player can wager 5 coins per paylines. The primary goal of the game is to match symbols across the paylines. When you match three and more symbols, there is a reward that you get.

The game is dominated by plenty of music as well as flashing lights that keep the game lively and easy to relate with. There’s also a whole band and guitar players who can play a concert. There are several special symbols in the game that allow the activation of hidden features. Therefore, you can choose a symbol that has a hidden bonus. Some symbols such as platinum and gold allow you to double your winnings and multiply them.

Marilyn Monroe Slot

Marilyn Monroe is a 5-reel based slot machine that has 20 paylines based on a very famous actress. The slot machine, which has been developed by Playtech, contains a round of free spins as well as a bonus round and these can be used without any restrictions. Additionally, the game can be played for free without any kind of registration. When you scatter the land on the reels, hats when you can be awarded free spins. There is a backstage bonus round that begins with 10 free rounds where five portraits of the actress appear on the screen. When five portraits of the actress appear, you are needed to choose two or more of them to get free spins and the multiplier effect.

In Marilyn Monroe’s slot machine game, it is themed to the life and the films of the actress and some themes line up in the paylines. Each combination has a factor and the prize you get from winnings are multiplied by the specific factor. The best paying symbol is that of Marilyn Monroe’s portrait that can give you a return of up to 10,000 times. Scatter comes second and it is a logo with the name of the game and this multiplies winnings by 500 times. The game is very easy to play as well as contemplate as all controls are at the bottom of the main display. Overall, there is much to say about the slot machine game but it is a fascinating game to play.

Dance Party Slot

The Dance Party is a game made by pragmatic play that has one of the best themes. The game also has an ambient soundtrack where the beat begins when you spin the reels. The beat is very catchy, meaning that you will never turn off the sound when playing the game. The game can brighten your free time as well as provide you with good winnings. The playing field has been designed using a 5 by 3 format with a total of 243 ways to win. The design features neon-based colors, an atmospheric soundtrack as well as a quality graphic that attracts your attention.

Among the features of the game are multipliers that are usually activated on a roll of five or more symbols of a diamond. Additionally, there are free spins that are activated together with the multipliers. In the gameplay, there are several features and to begin playing the game, you will need to register fully, choose a dance party, read the instructions, set the number of coins per spin and turn on the spin function and enjoy the game. The RTP of the game is usually 96.5% which is higher compared to the other slot machines and the volatility is also very high. However, since there is a free version of the game, you can give it a try before indulging in the actual game. All in all, it is a fun game to play and guarantees you high winnings.

Ozzy Osbourne Slot

This is a 5 reel online, 20 paylines game developed by NetEnts. This game can be played from 20p per spin and this happens on all devices. It is based on Prince of Darkness and this brand usually comes with re-spins where features are shown as symbols and this includes upgrades, wilds, multipliers, and coin win. There are several bonus features in the game. The bonus bet feature allows you to play double stakes with an allowance to win more spins as well as have a benefit from bigger multipliers.

The re-spin feature is also available and this gives you access to 4 more bonus features. There is also another critical feature, the symbol charges up feature, and this is critical and useful in gameplay since it dictates all the other features. The Ozzy Osbourne slot can be played from 20p to 100 euros in a single spin and when the bonus is activated, the stakes are bound to double. This means you can spin 40p up to 200 euros. With the game having 5 reels, a total of 3 rows, and 20 paylines, if you match 3,4 or 5 symbols, you win. The game has a 96.3% RTP meaning you can get high returns from the winnings.