Ultimate Guide to Brass Instruments

a brass instrument

Brass instruments are musical instruments that produce sound by sympathetic vibration of air in a cylindrical resonating chamber in sympathy with the vibration of the player’s lips. They are also sometimes called labrosones or labrophones, which are from Latin and Greek elements that mean “lip” and “sound.” The brass family got its … Read more

Guide to the Ophicleide

A photo of the family of Ophicleide

The Ophicleide is a wind instrument that somehow shared similarity with the tuba and saxophone. It is invented in the 1800s and belongs to the bugle family. It also shares a similar shape to the sudrophone, another brass instrument that was developed in the same era.  The term Ophicleide comes from the … Read more

Guide to Cymbals

A photo of a cymbal

Cymbals are disc-shaped instruments that are usually made out of copper-based metals. It has a diameter size of about thirteen to eighteen inches.It also has a hole drilled at its center, which is used to mount it to the stand or for tying a strap for hand playing. Around the hole at … Read more