Guide to Dabakan

A photo of the single-headed dabakan drum

The dabakan is a percussion instrument that originated in the Philippines. It is a single-headed drum that is usually played along with the other instruments in the kulintang ensemble. Interestingly, the dabakan is the only non-gong instrument among the five main instruments in the ensemble. According to history, the name dabakan originated … Read more

Guide to Batá drum

A photo of the Batá drum

Throughout the world, several types of drums had been created and were commonly used in religious ceremonies. One of these drums is the Batá drum. In its introduction in the 1820s, southwestern Nigerian people perceived this drum as an essential part of their culture. A Batá drum is an hourglass-shaped percussion instrument … Read more

Guide to Drum Machine

A photo of a drum machine

The drum machine is an electricdevice that has the ability to imitate  sounds, beats, and patterns of a percussion instrument. It can also produce unique sounds, including synthesized electronic sounds. As well as that, this modern drum machine allows the user to create their own beat pattern and rhythm. In fact, this … Read more