Guide to Theremin

A photo of the theremin

The theremin is the first electronic music instrument invented by a Russian cellist and physicist, Lev Termin or mostly known as Leon Theremin, in 1920. It could be played without the need to touch nor press any buttons to produce a sound. This musical instrument is frequently used in sci-fi and other … Read more

Guide to Continuum Fingerboard

A photo of Continuum Keyboard

The Continuum Keyboard, also known as Haken Continuum, is a synthesizer and MIDI controller initially developed by a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Lippold Haken. From 1983 to 1998, the Continuum Fingerboard was developed at the University of Illinois at CERL Sound Group. This instrument is initially used to control … Read more

Guide to Bass Pedal

A photo of the 1970s EKO K1 bass pedal

During the earlier times, pedal boards have been the standard feature on pipe organs for about centuries. In fact, electromechanical organs like the Hammond organ has a pedal board. However, in the 1970s, electronic organ makers noticed that musicians seek for organs that they could take on a gig at bars or … Read more