Guide to the Kubing

A photo of the kubing instrument

The kubing is a jaw harp idiophone that is notably used by several Muslim and non-muslim tribes in the Philippines and Indonesia. This instrument is known as one of the oldest instruments in the world. The kubing is made out of a thin bamboo strip or metal strip that is about two … Read more

Guide to Angklung

Guide to Angklung

A photo of an angklung instrument The angklung is a percussion musical instrument made out of bamboo. Although this instrumentoriginated from West Java and Banten, the angklung is also notable throughout the world. In fact, the Sundanese people native to the Indonesian province of West Java used the angklung for several centuries. … Read more

Guide to Agung

A photo of an Agung instrument

An Agung is a percussion instrument used by the ethnic groups in the Philippines. These ethnic groups, including the Maguindanao, Sama-Bajau, Maranao, and Tausug people,use the Agung as a support instrument for the kulintang ensemble, a row of small gongs that functionmelodically. The instrument Agung is a set of wide-rimmed gongs that … Read more