Guide to Bandurria

painting of a girl holding a bandurria

The bandurria, or also known as the mandurria, is a stringed music instrument that belongs to the lute family. It has a built and design that is derived from the guitar and cittern. Today, the bandurria is often made with a small and pear-shaped wooden body, it also has a flat back … Read more

Guide to Bandura

Drawing of a Bandura

The bandura, or also known as  kobza, is a stringed musical instrument that belongs to the psaltery family. It is considered as the national musical instrument of Ukraine, and it is mainly used to accompany folk music. The bandura is considered to have both the elements of a lute and a zither. … Read more

Guide to Vibraphone

Man playing  Musser Vibraphone

A vibraphone is a musical instrument that belonged to the percussion family. This instrument has tuned metal bars, and it is played by holding two to four soft mallets hitting the metal bars. The vibraphone is like a marimbaphone or a steel marimba. The instruments’ significant difference is that the vibraphone’s bars … Read more

Guide to the Chalumeau

Chalumeau during the 1700s

The Chalumeau is a single-reed woodwind instrument that was introduced during the late baroque and early classical periods. It has eight tone holes, seven of which are located in the front, and one is in the back where the thumb is placed. It also has a broad mouthpiece with one heteroglot reed … Read more

Guide to Citterns

Cittern displayed at the Music Museum of Barcelona

The cittern, or sometimes spelled as cithern, is arguably one of the most important and undoubtedly the most famous renaissance instruments next to the lute. Similar to the earlier instrument called gittern, the cittern was an instrument that almost everyone loved back in the renaissance period, no matter what their social standing … Read more

Guide to the Bugle

A photo of a military bugle

The bugle is a wind instrument that played a prominent part in several great wars of history. Its martial notes had been heard in the battles along with the buglers that have stood ready to sound the bugle calls. During the revolutionary times, this instrument sounded the Spirit of 76′. As well … Read more

Guide to the Tabor


The Tabor is a musical instrument with a long, rich history, with its roots tracing back to the earliest centuries. Also called the tabret or tambour in other languages, it is typically a small portable drum that is struck with a single stick. It is often used along with the pipe and … Read more

Guide to Agogo

A photo of an Agogo Double Bell

The Agogo is probably the oldest samba instrument that originates from the West African Yoruba. It is an instrument that was used in music of the religious ceremonies in Yorubaland, based on beliefs like Candomble, an Afro-Brazilian religion. However, nowadays, the Agogo was not only used in Yoruba and Edo music, but … Read more