Ultimate Guide to Woodwind Instruments

The woodwind family of instruments is a subgroup of the more general category of wind instruments. In this family, there are two main types of instruments, which are reed instruments and flutes. Reed instruments are considered woodwind due to the way they make their sound. They split the air stream of the … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Brass Instruments

a brass instrument

Brass instruments are musical instruments that produce sound by sympathetic vibration of air in a cylindrical resonating chamber in sympathy with the vibration of the player’s lips. They are also sometimes called labrosones or labrophones, which are from Latin and Greek elements that mean “lip” and “sound.” The brass family got its … Read more

Guide to the Ukelin

A photo of the ukelin

You probably heard about the ukulele and the violin, but have you heard about the ukelin? One of the most mysterious and unique instruments that were recorded was this instrument called ukelin. It is a combination of a violin and Hawaiian ukulele that became popular in the year 1920s. This bowed psaltery … Read more

Guide to Kazoo

A photo of a metal kazoo

Kazoo is an American tube-formed instrument, with both tube ends uncovered. It can be made of plastic or metal and has a variety of shapes. One end of the tube is flattened, and the other end has a small circular opening. Meanwhile, down on the two-thirds of the instrument, another small hole … Read more

Guide to the Clavinet

A photo of the Hohner Clavinet D6

A clavinet is an electronic version of the instrument clavichord. Since it is an electronic instrument, it requires a keyboard amplifier to produce a particular sound level.It was invented by a German musician named Ernest Zacharias in the 1950s and 1960s. Along with the other electromechanical instruments, the Clavinet was manufactured by … Read more

Guide to Cabasa

A photo of the Cabasa

Cabasa is a percussion instrument similar to the shekere, a western African instrument. It is a popular hand percussion classified as an idiophone, a sub-family of percussions. The cabasa is constructed with a steel ball chain that is wrapped around its wide cylindrical head.Its head is attached to a long narrow stick … Read more

Guide to Agung

A photo of an Agung instrument

An Agung is a percussion instrument used by the ethnic groups in the Philippines. These ethnic groups, including the Maguindanao, Sama-Bajau, Maranao, and Tausug people,use the Agung as a support instrument for the kulintang ensemble, a row of small gongs that functionmelodically. The instrument Agung is a set of wide-rimmed gongs that … Read more

Guide to Drum Machine

A photo of a drum machine

The drum machine is an electricdevice that has the ability to imitate  sounds, beats, and patterns of a percussion instrument. It can also produce unique sounds, including synthesized electronic sounds. As well as that, this modern drum machine allows the user to create their own beat pattern and rhythm. In fact, this … Read more

Guide to Adungu

The Adungu instruments in Northwestern Uganda

Uganda is known as one of the friendliest nations in Africa. Not only that, you can enjoy the sceneries, but you can also harvest honey, hunt antelopes, and go to a sacred cave. Aside from their rich tradition and culture, the place of Uganda is also known for their dances and music. … Read more