Guide to the Oud

A photo of an Oud Instrument

The oud is a stringed instrument that comes from the Lute family. The word ‘oud’ is an Arabic term that represents several varieties of important, as well as natural woods that are used in making this instrument. Although it seems quite similar with the lute, the oud has a shorter neck and … Read more

Guide to Accordions

different types of accordion

An accordion is a musical instruments that is sometimes referred to as the squeezebox. It is a wind instrument that is played by expanding or compressing the bellows while pressing the buttons or keys to open the pallets and allow the air to flow across the strips of reeds that are made … Read more

Guide to Different Types of Fretted Zithers

stoessel lute

A  zither is a type of musical stringed instrument. The term zither is a German rendering of the Greek work cithara, a word where in the word guitar was also derived. The zithers are played by plucking or strumming the strings using your fingers or with the help of an accessory called … Read more

Guide to Bandura

Drawing of a Bandura

The bandura, or also known as  kobza, is a stringed musical instrument that belongs to the psaltery family. It is considered as the national musical instrument of Ukraine, and it is mainly used to accompany folk music. The bandura is considered to have both the elements of a lute and a zither. … Read more

Guide to the Naqareh

A photo of the Naqareh instrument

Naqareh, also known as Naqqara and Nagada, is a pair of Middle Eastern percussion instrument that has a rounded back and a head made out of a hide. The rounded section of this instrument is made out of baked clay. Meanwhile, its flat side is an animal skin fastened around using a … Read more

Guide to the Chanda

A photo of the chenda instrument

The chanda, or also known as chenda, is a cylindrical musical instrument that is widely used in some regions of India, like in the state of Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. This percussion instrument is most commonly known for its rigid and loud sound. It has two sides, in which the left … Read more

Guide to the Flutina

A photo of the flutina instrument

The flutina is a wind instrument and an early precursor of the diatonic button accordion. The initial version of this instrument dates back around the year 1831 and was constructed by Pichenot le Jeune. This instrument was also deemed as one of the first accordions that are capable of playing a melody. … Read more

Guide to Bombarde

Blackwood bombarde

Bombarde, or also known as the German Pumhart, English bombard or Pommer, is a double-reed wind instrument that belongs to the oboe or shawm family. Just like other shawms, the bombard has a broad and powerful sound that somehow resembles the sound of a trumpet. A person who plays a bombard is … Read more

Guide to Oboe the Family

Different types of oboe

The oboe is a member of the woodwind family of musical instruments. Woodwind instruments got their name because they were traditionally made of wood. Today, they are made of different materials. In order to play these kinds of instruments, the player  blows air through the instrument. The oboe, along with its relatives … Read more

Guide to Txalaparta

Five board txalaparta

The Txalaparta is a Baque music instrument that is made from stone or wood. In some places in Basque Country, it is called the zalaparta, which means racket, while in some regions, it is called the txalaparta, which implies the trot of the horse, because the sound that this instrument produces is … Read more