Guide to Txalaparta

Five board txalaparta

The Txalaparta is a Baque music instrument that is made from stone or wood. In some places in Basque Country, it is called the zalaparta, which means racket, while in some regions, it is called the txalaparta, which implies the trot of the horse, because the sound that this instrument produces is … Read more

Guide to the Spoon – A Percussion Instrument

Man playing the spoon

Spoons can be an improvised percussion instrument, or it can also be an idiophone, just like the castanets. The spoons are played by hitting them against each other. In the United States, the spoons are associated with minstrelsy, American folk music, as well as jug and spasm bands. While in British folk … Read more

Guide to Vibraphone

Man playing  Musser Vibraphone

A vibraphone is a musical instrument that belonged to the percussion family. This instrument has tuned metal bars, and it is played by holding two to four soft mallets hitting the metal bars. The vibraphone is like a marimbaphone or a steel marimba. The instruments’ significant difference is that the vibraphone’s bars … Read more

Guide to Steelpans

Steel Pan

Steelpan or also known as steel drum is a percussion instrument that originated in Trinidad and Tobago. Back then, steelpans were built from industrial containers. Today, steelpan manufacturers usually use high-quality steel to construct the instrument. Soloists and small ensembles can play steelpans because they come in different tones, ranges, and timbres. … Read more

Guide to Snare Drum

Drum kit snare drum

A snare drum, also known as a side drum, is a percussion instrument with a sharp staccato sound when struck using a drum stick. Snare drums are often used in concert bands, parades, orchestras, marching bands, drumlines, drum corps, and so much more. In this article, we are going to learn more … Read more

Guide to Parai

Parai and the sticks used to play it

The Parai, also known as Thappu, is considered one of India’s oldest drums, specifically in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu and some parts of Sri Lanka. The Parai is also known as one of the symbols of the Tamil culture. During the olden days, the Parai was used as a … Read more

Guide to Cymbals

A photo of a cymbal

Cymbals are disc-shaped instruments that are usually made out of copper-based metals. It has a diameter size of about thirteen to eighteen inches.It also has a hole drilled at its center, which is used to mount it to the stand or for tying a strap for hand playing. Around the hole at … Read more

Guide to Cajón

A photo of the percussion instrument Cajón

The Cajon is a percussion instrument that initially came from Peru. The word Cajon is derived from the Spanish word meaning a box, drawer, crate, or even coffin. It is an instrument that has six sides and is typically played by hitting the instrument with their hands as they sit at the … Read more