Ultimate Guide to Percussion Instruments

different percussion instruments

In an orchestra, the percussion family is the largest. Percussion instruments involve all the instruments that create a sound when it is shaken, hit, or scraped. It is quite challenging to play percussion instruments as you need a lot of practice to hit an instrument at the right place and time with … Read more

Guide to Maracas

A photo of the maracas instrument

The Maraca is a percussion instrument that was made out of tree fruit. This rattle instrument is classified on the idiophone group that consists of instruments that produce sound through vibration without using membranes, strings, nor air. Unlike the cymbals and castanets,which produce sounds when struck, the maracas belong to the shaken … Read more

Guide to Cabasa

A photo of the Cabasa

Cabasa is a percussion instrument similar to the shekere, a western African instrument. It is a popular hand percussion classified as an idiophone, a sub-family of percussions. The cabasa is constructed with a steel ball chain that is wrapped around its wide cylindrical head.Its head is attached to a long narrow stick … Read more