Guide to the Spoon – A Percussion Instrument

Man playing the spoon

Spoons can be an improvised percussion instrument, or it can also be an idiophone, just like the castanets. The spoons are played by hitting them against each other. In the United States, the spoons are associated with minstrelsy, American folk music, as well as jug and spasm bands. While in British folk … Read more

Guide to Bandola

Bandola Oriental

A bandola is one of the several varieties of small and pear-shaped chordophones. This instrument is usually found and used in Colombia and Venezuela. Bandolas are also related to other stringed instruments like the mandolin and bandurria. In this article, we are going to learn more about the history and different types … Read more

Guide to Drum Machine

A photo of a drum machine

The drum machine is an electricdevice that has the ability to imitate  sounds, beats, and patterns of a percussion instrument. It can also produce unique sounds, including synthesized electronic sounds. As well as that, this modern drum machine allows the user to create their own beat pattern and rhythm. In fact, this … Read more

Infographic on How To Pick Your Headphones

How To Pick Your Headphones

Headphones are used to listen to sound and music from our audio devices. They are helpful in keeping sounds private to avoid disturbing other people especially in public places. There are times when the audio device you buy comes with a bad quality headphone or sometimes none at all. Or there will … Read more

Tips for Earbud Safety

Most people today always have their earbuds on when listening to music from their phones and other gadgets. They listen to music wherever they go and whatever they do such as when commuting, while exercising, and while working. This is evident especially to younger ones. It’s their way to zone out from … Read more