Guide to Different Kinds of Box Zithers


Zither is a general term for stringed instruments that have strings fastened across their frame. This instrument also lacks any neck or arms not unlike the lute or guitar. The zither’s resonator may be in the part of its body or it can also be attached to it. Instruments that belongs to … Read more

Guide to the Diddley Bow

A photo of Moses Williams playing the didley bow

The diddley bow is a primitive one-stringed guitar that influences the development of the blues music genre.It is also known as one-string, jitterbug, or monochord zither.This instrument was also considered as a starter or practice instrument in the Southern part of America, mostly in the African-American community.Nevertheless, professional musicians nowadays use the … Read more

Guide to the Crwth

A photo of the Crwth

The Cwrth (pronounced as crooth) is an ancient stringed instrument that is usually associated with Welsh music and medieval folk music of England. This instrument is also called crowd or rote and is widely played in Europe. The name crwth was derived from a Proto-Celtic language word ‘krutto,’ which means a round … Read more

Guide to the Chinese Stringed Instruments

A photo of a woman playing the modern konghou on stage

There are various musical instruments that were popular in China back then. Some of these instruments were the Pipa, luiqin, and guzheng. These stringed instruments originated in different regions of China, and throughout the years, these instruments were modified. Below is the list of Chinese stringed instruments that produce poignant yet beautiful … Read more

Guide to the Harp

A photo of the har instrument

The harp is one of the stringed instruments that have a couple of individual strings running vertically at an angle to its soundboard. The term harp comes from an Old English word hearpe, which is closer to the Old High German word harpha. Around the world, harps vary in several sizes. Some … Read more

Guide to Balalaika

Vasily Andreev playing the balalaika

Among the instruments used in Russian folk music, the balalaika stands out as not just the most recognized but as well as the symbol of Russian culture. Although it is a real surprise that we know little about this instrument, much is done for its development. In fact, the balalaika continues to … Read more

Guide to Bajo Sexto

A photo of the bajo sexto

Bajo sexto, also known as ‘sixth bass,’ is a stringed instrument that originated from Mexico. It is a part of the guitar family with twelve strings in six double courses. Bajo sexto is closely related to the instrument called bajo quinto, or the ‘fifth bass,’ with ten strings in five double courses. … Read more

Guide to Ajaeng

A photo of a sanjo ajaeng instrument

Korean is renowned for its several types of zithers. The word zither is a term used in describing a family of stringed instruments. These types of instruments were usually played in a variety of ways, including plucking, bowed, hammered, or strummed. One of these zithers typed instrument is the Ajaeng. Ajaeng is … Read more