Guide to Cabasa

A photo of the Cabasa

Cabasa is a percussion instrument similar to the shekere, a western African instrument. It is a popular hand percussion classified as an idiophone, a sub-family of percussions. The cabasa is constructed with a steel ball chain that is wrapped around its wide cylindrical head.Its head is attached to a long narrow stick that is usually … Read more

Guide to Balafon

A photo of a Balafon instrument

The balafon is a type of struck idiophone as categorized in the Hornbostel-Sachs musical instrument. In the Malinke language, the instrument balafon is a combination of two words ‘Balan,’ the name of the instrument, and ‘fon,’ which means to play. Therefore, the word balafon is the act of playing the instrument, Bala. The word Bala … Read more