Guide to the Flutina

A photo of the flutina instrument

The flutina is a wind instrument and an early precursor of the diatonic button accordion. The initial version of this instrument dates back around the year 1831 and was constructed by Pichenot le Jeune. This instrument was also deemed as one of the first accordions that are capable of playing a melody. … Read more

Guide to the Melodica

A photo of the Melodica

The Melodica is a free-reed instrument that is similar to the pump organ and harmonica. This instrument comes with various names such as key harmonica, blow organ, pianica, and melodyhorn. In reggae, dub, as well as minimalistic classical music, the Melodica has become a unique voice. In fact, the Melodica has been … Read more

Guide to Nose Flute

A photo of a Fijian girl playing the nose flute

Nose Flute is an instrument that is mostly played in the Pacific Rim and Polynesian countries. This flute has played an essential part in the history of several Austronesian people as well as to their tribes. In fact, the nose flute is considered something special by the indigenous people of Taiwan. In … Read more