Welcome email’s essential elements

Like the professional world, even in marketing, the first impression matters.

It could help you land on a big sale or perhaps be the reason for missing out on a hot lead.

It’s the duty of an email marketer to make sure that the subject lines are well optimized to entice the audience to open the email and take action.

This article discusses the critical elements of every effective welcome email that’s needed to engage the subscribers from the instant they sign up for the newsletter.

However, it is essential that initially, you send the right emails at the right time to the right audience and get quality traffic to your website.

Only then will you get a good number of subscribers.

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Now, let us have a look at the element of a welcome email;

Welcome email at lightning speed

You must send your welcome emails the moment someone signs up for the newsletter; this is the instance when your business is at the top of their mind.

Prospects who subscribe to your newsletter would already be excited about your brand, and you must ensure that your welcome email reaches them spontaneously. This would help you to capture a sale.

A subject line that’s welcoming, clear, and engaging

Not many come up with a welcome email subject line that sounds welcoming!

Keep in mind that, just like any other business email, the subject line of a welcome email should also be clear and engaging.

Your email subject line has the potential to make or break your efforts.

Therefore, make it count by writing a short copy that sounds warm, personal, and displays urgency.

You could think of a creative way instead of writing a “Welcome” in the subject line.

A personal greeting

Next, you must focus on the salutation!

Instead of using generic terms like “Dear sir” or “Dear Customer,” you must use your prospects’ names to establish a personal connection from the beginning.

This works well!

People like it when they are addressed individually.

Content walkthrough

You don’t have to make your new subscribers wait. Instead, you could use your welcome email to walk your prospects through your very best content.

This will keep them engaged with your brand until your next email.

A token of gratitude

A welcome email is an ideal place to appreciate your subscribers for signing up for your newsletter.

And it’s the right occasion to give something special as a token of gratitude.

This could be a discount on their first purchase, the first copy of your ebook, etc.

You can offer anything; what matters is that it should provide value to your audience.

Social handle links

Adding links to your social media platforms in your welcome email is essential. This would help them to know more about your brand and stay connected with you through multiple channels.

Hence, include social media platforms’ links and encourage your audience to follow you.

A way to make it to the safe senders’ list

You can straightaway ask your recipients to add your business to their contacts and make sure they always get your emails.

This helps you to improve the deliverability rate.

Unsubscribe link

Even though it is a welcome email, you should make it easy for them to unsubscribe at any point in time.

This will help keep your email database healthy and give the impression that you care for your prospects’ decisions.

Refer-a-friend link

You could ask your prospects to refer a friend, and to your surprise, you would find that referred email subscribers tend to be highly engaged than your subscribers from other sources.

Visually appealing template

Use attention-grabbing templates that evoke desired emotion in your subscribers.

As there are hundreds of emails landing on your subscribers’ inboxes, it’s significant that you stand out with a responsive design.

Final thoughts

With these elements, you could create a welcome email that hooks new subscribers to your brand from the beginning.