What happened in God of War?

F95zone presents A brief summary for those who have not played, but still want to know the details of Ragnarok and be in context.

Kratos and his son Atreus set off on a journey to the highest point in the Nine Worlds to fulfill the last request of their deceased wife and mother – to scatter her ashes over their native lands. However, before leaving on the road, they meet an uninvited guest – the god Balder, the son of Odin and Freya. He is immortal and does not feel anything, and therefore attacks Kratos and almost kills him. With the help of his divine abilities, the Greek gains the upper hand.

Then they meet other mythical heroes:

  • the goddess Freya, who helps them on their journey;
  • they kill the sons of Thor, the gods Magni and Modi, and this is the first deviation from the canonical verses of the “Elder Edda” and the texts of the “Younger Edda”;
  • the sage god Mimir, or rather his head, which becomes their ally;
  • The World Serpent or Jormungand, encircling the whole of Midgard with its body and filling the seas – another deviation from the canons, because at that time it could not yet exist;
  • brothers Sindri and Brok, gnome blacksmiths and creators of Mjöllnir – the hammer of Thor;
  • the god of thunder Thor – in a secret cut-scene, Atreus’s dream about what awaits them in the future.

After going all the way, Kratos and Atreus encounter Balder and remove the spell of immortality that Freya had put on him as a child. When he wanted to kill his mother because she caused him so much suffering with her care, Kratos breaks his neck. Freyja promises to take revenge on the god of war and goes to Odin to regain her cloak of falcon feathers, with which she can fly.

When Kratos and Atreus reach the highest point in the Nine Worlds, namely the mountains in Jotunheim, the player learns about the prophecy. The giants knew everything that was going to happen and described it in colorful murals on the walls. There are battles with Balder, the journey of the hero and his child, but most importantly, the last fresco contains an image of Kratos dying in the arms of his son. And yes – this is exactly the god of war and no one else. This is what the runes say.

Above the main scene of the fresco there are the following words: “ blod guda, blod fedra, trunadr tingndinn, erendi fundit” , and they can be translated as “the blood of the gods, the blood of the father, in faith in * an old thing *, a commission was found” . The word ” tingndinn” is a combination of the roots of two words, which can be translated as ” thing” and ” age” . Perhaps we are talking about some kind of artifact or item that Kratos will give to Atreus while dying.

What’s happening in God of War Ragnarok?

Father and son conflict

By killing Balder, Kratos became the catalyst for the omen from the Volva’s Divination poem, described in The Elder Edda. When Balder dies, a three-year winter, Fimbulwinter, will begin, and it will end only after Ragnarok, the end of the world.

In strife, a bloody brother destroys his brother;
Blood relatives cut each other;
Evil is multiplying, the world is full of abomination.
Age of axes, age of swords, age of cut shields,
Blizzard age, wolf age – before the end of the world …
None of the people spare the other – the verse about Fimbulvinter, “The Divination of the Volva”.

It is during Fimbulwinter that the events of Ragnarok take place. And, judging by the words of the developers, several years have passed. We can see the matured Atreus and the slightly older, calmer Kratos like in Huniepop 2. The first opening scene shows us not only the outer metamorphoses of the characters, but also the inner ones. The son himself went hunting and killed the deer (although in the first part it was a problem for him), and the father sits in a cave by the fire, dressed in warm clothes, and makes arrows for Loki. If these are the opening scenes of the game, we can assume that Kratos was testing his son’s skills – Atreus smiles as he lays the deer carcass on the ground. This is also evidenced by the approving reaction of the god of war – Kratos is laconic and does not betray himself, but this can be understood by the expression on his face and the surprised comment: ” Hmm!” …

Journey through the Nine Worlds

The head of the sage Mimir says that “ Odin has many trump cards hidden in his sleeve, which we had no idea about,” and Atrei notes that there is someone else in the world who can help them. Kratos speculates that it might be Tyr, the Scandinavian god of war who died. Mimir retorts: ” One, though he tried, but could not find him . ”

Atreus insists that they find Tyr and suggests, ” What if war is the only way to stop Ragnarok?” , to which Kratos replies: ” War is not the only way . ” Surprised by such words, Atreus explodes and asks the god of war to forget for a minute that he is the boy’s father and start thinking like a warrior – to which he receives a gross refusal. Not wanting to use his rage anymore, Kratos tries to save both himself and his son in this way – because because of her, he committed many terrible acts that still torment him. Will the Greek become softer because of his age? Most likely this will only become known in the game itself.

Gods Thor, Tyr and the giantess Angrboda

The next scene belongs to the second antagonist of God of War Ragnarok. The dream of Atreus, when Thor visited them, will still come true. The thunder god calls forth lightning and reaches out to his hammer, Mjöllnir, addressing the war god: “ You give the impression of a calm and reasonable person. Are you really like that? ” … Considering that Kratos and Atreus killed his sons, who were supposed to rule after Ragnarok along with Baldr, it is unlikely that he will visit them with good intentions.


Putting together the footage from the trailer, as well as using the Scandinavian mythology and facts from the previous part, you can add at least some picture of what is happening. Thor and Freya – the main antagonists of Ragnarok – will obviously die in battle with the main characters, like the rest of the gods of Asgard. This is destined and this is how the end of the world will end, if we take as a basis the verses of the “Elder Edda” and the texts of the “Younger Edda”.

Tyr, Angrboda and, most likely, the gnomes will definitely take the side of Kratos and Atreus: the Scandinavian god of war clearly does not feel warm feelings for Odin, because of whom he hid for so long and was in captivity; Angrboda is a jotun, and Thor hunts them; gnomes have always been only consumables and labor for Asgard, creating artful items for the gods.

This will probably be the last part for Kratos. The prophecy will come true, and Atreus will take the place of his father – perhaps he will become the protagonist of the next God of War. With great confidence, one can expect the development of the guy’s relationship with Angrboda and the explanation of the onlycans games with time, which Jormungand talked about.