Why Indian rummy is the best in 2021?

2020 was a very challenging year for everyone. No one could have expected that something like this would happen and all our lives will be changed in seconds. However, if we observe closely we could have also taken this year for self-growth and for enhancing our skills and knowledge. We could have done all those things that we have always thought we will do but never really got a chance.

But no worries, the terrible year of pandemics and lockdowns has gone now, 2021 has brought new opportunities and new challenges for the new year.

And in this time of new changes, we introduce with you a game of luck and excitement- Indian rummy game 2021.

Indian rummy is all set to be the most fun and popular game of 2021 and why should it not be?

Indian rummy rules 2021

Rummy has a set of very brief and simple rules. Anyone who has an interest and some skill can master this game. Following are some basic rules to play Indian rummy-

  1. The deck of cards contains 52 cards and 1 joker.
  2. Cards are basically ranked from 2-10 with four higher value cards, i.e, Ace (A), Jack (J), Queen (Q), and King (K).
  3. Each higher value card contains 10 points.
  4. 52 cards are also divided into four groups based on their shapes- clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds.
  5. Each card suit will have 13 cards of each rank.
  6. The no. of players can rank from 2 to 6.
  7. Each player will be dealing with a specific no. Of cards arranged into valid sets and sequences.

It Depends on your version of rummy about how many pure sequences are compulsory. In Indian rummy, one pure sequence is mandatory.

  1. Once all the players have dealt with their cards, one random card is chosen from random remaining cards and placed down facing upwards.
  2. The winner is the person who arranges all his cards into valid sequences and sets them first.

You can also play rummy games online these days. It is one of the reasons that this game is gaining so much popularity as you can play rummy anywhere anytime and with anyone from around the globe. There are many online apps and websites that let you play different variations of the rummy games online for free and for cash also. You just need to sign up on any online rummy games website and grab a lot of opportunities that you can get by winning these online rummy games.


Indian gaming is growing at a speedy and rapid rate of growth. Rummy is very popular among almost every generation. You can play the Indian rummy games at a friend’s birthday or dinner parties or you can play this game with your family at various festival gatherings. It serves as a very nice ice breaker between older and younger generations. Many online apps and websites also provide you cash prizes for winning. You can get very creative with this very interesting rummy game as for playing this game, the rules are pretty simple and you just need some strategy and basic understanding of the rules.