All you need to know about Texas Hold’em

Hello, Friends! If you are to play a Texas Hold’em poker game, then you are at the right place to know about it. Texas Hold’em is an online popularly famous poker card game where two or more people get involved. It got attention in the 2000s for being a poker game on Television.

If you are new to this poker game here are few things that can help you know more about Texas Hold’em poker rules. This article will give you all the possible information about the game and related guide.

Rounds in Texas Hold’em

The game consists of four rounds for betting and the game starts by following these rounds. The rounds are:


1. Pre Flop

The person sitting left to the big blind begins the game. Three actions are allowed to this gamer and they are, that person can put in the big blind (call), put in more money than th3 big blind(raise), or can throw the cards (fold). Similar activity is done by others as well and the game moves to the second round.


2. Flop

Here the 3 face-up community cards are put on the table. To form a 5 poker card, the players can use their 2 cards with the 3 community cards given on the table. The small blind player is the first one to make a move. He/She can fold, bet, or can not bet (check). The player to the left of him can also raise the bet and similarly the game goes on.


3. Turn

Here the one more community card is added to the 3 cards on the table. Now out of these total 6 cards, you need to use 5 cards for making 5 poker cards. The same gameplay is done here as in the previous round. Once everyone contributed their money into this round the games on to the last round.


4. River Round

As the turn round, here also one card is added on the table.  Now the players need to make 5 online poker cards out of the 7 cards to win the game. Similar gameplay can be seen here as in the earlier rounds. The game now moves to showdown.


After all 4 rounds, the remaining players get entry to the showdown. Here they have to show all of their cards, and whoever has the 5 poker cards wins the pot, and the rest lose. The winner gets the whole amount that the pot consists of.


If the game has 2 winners that means there is a tie between them, then the winning amount is split between them. The amount the pot consists of is (CHOP) split equally if the game has more than a single winner.


Play the Texas Hold’em poker game with ease using the guidelines provided here. This game can help you win real money online by contributing a little. This game is all about sheer luck . If you think you are lucky enough to win a big amount, then you must use the game for that fun. I hope friends that you got all that was needed for you to know.