Learn about Johann Philipp Reis and His Development of the Loud Speaker


Johann Philipp Reis, a pioneer in the realm of audio technology, invented the loudspeaker, which fundamentally changed how people communicate. Reis, who was born in 1834, persistently sought innovation and knowledge, leading to revolutionary advancements in telephony. This article investigates Reis’s life and the extraordinary route he traveled in developing the loudspeaker, … Read more

Learn the interesting history of the Victor Talking Machine

Enrico Caruso with a customized Victrola given to him as a wedding gift by the Victor Company in 1918

American recording studio and phonograph maker The Victor Talking Machine Company ran independently from 1901 until 1929 when it was bought by the Radio Corporation of America and started operating as a separate subsidiary under the name RCA Victor. It was the biggest and most renowned company of its type in the … Read more

5 Ways Musicians Can Make Money from Home

Afro man playing guitar and streaming it using video camera

Making money in the music industry can be a hard thing to do. Most people look at successful musicians and assume that they are paid well. In most cases, this isn’t true. In fact, musicians and producers have to work extremely hard to gain their skills and keep the work coming in. … Read more

Types of Guitars You May Not Know

Guitar, Band, Taylor

Acoustic Guitar Acoustic guitars are normally made entirely of wood, though some manufacturers, like Ovation, incorporate fiberglass composite. The soundboard, or the top of the guitar functions as a kind of amplifier. The soundboard receives the vibrations of the strings after passing through the bridge and saddle. Tone woods, unique varieties of … Read more

Countries That Use Maracas

Brasil, American, Maraca

Native Americans, Spaniards, and Africans all contribute to the cultural diversity of Latin America. We acquired the guitars from Spain, the drums from Africa, and one of the instruments, the maraca, from Native Americans. The majority of studies concur that the Latin American native tribes are where the maraca originated. On which … Read more