Best Casino Music 2022: Songs About Gambling, Gambling Music

Nowadays, it’s easy to find slots with sports, adventure, or basically any other theme. The industry releases more and more music slots too, either branded by a big band or singer or related to the theme in a more vague way – the symbols are records, notes, and caricatures of well-known musicians. As they are pretty popular in every online casino, it’s no surprise that both worlds – music and gambling – are influenced by each other. A handful of songs explore gambling in their lyrics, focusing on one casino game or being more subtle with the references, focusing on word-plays. But what are some of the more popular songs that focus on this topic? And what new online slots should you check out if you want to feel like a rock star? We’ve prepared a list that will help you get started in the world of music and gambling! 

Songs About Gambling: Best Gambling Songs Playlist

Name: Poker Face by Lady Gaga

Performer: Lady Gaga

Release Date: 29/09/2008

Rotation: over 14 million copies sold

Country of Origin: USA

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular songs about gambling. The title and lyrics refer to the fact that players have to keep up – emotionless, stone-cold. Thanks to that, they can hide information from other players, whether they have any good cards or not. The song became the best-selling single in 2009, and with its number of copies sold is one of the best-selling songs ever. 

Name: I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons

Performer: Imagine Dragons

Release Date: 27/10/2014

Rotations: Number 3 Spot on US Billboard Rock Charts

Country of Origins: USA

While the song is not about gambling, it’s hard to disagree that the phrase “I bet my life” isn’t related to the niche. It’s also quite romantic since the singer bets his life for someone else! What’s interesting about the band is that they originate from Las Vegas and have played concerts in various casinos.  

Name: Casino Queen by Wilco

Performer: Wilco

Release Date: 28/03/1995

Rotations: 150 thousand copies of the album sold

Country of Origin: USA

The whole song is about gambling – the band mentions blackjack, a popular card game, and the entire song happens at a riverboat casino. The music was heavily influenced by the singer’s father, who even suggested that he write a song about that casino. The topic is rather sad and damaging, as the singer loses all his money and blames Casino Queen for being mean and taking all his money.

Name: Gambling Hearts by Harrison Brome

Performer: Harrison Brome

Release Date: 15/06/2016

Rotations: Didn’t get on charts

Country of Origin: Canada

A lesser-known song from this list shouldn’t be overlooked! Brome is an up-and-coming artist who plays with the gambling theme. Not only that, but he also mentions a four-leaved flower, which is a symbol of luck and is visible on online slots as a good-paying symbol or special one. 

Name: You Better You Bet by The Who

Performer: The Who

Release Date: 27/02/1981

Rotations: Number 1 on US Billboard Top Tracks

Country of Origin: UK

Here, gambling and betting are once again used in a romantic setting. Interestingly, the song and video were the 4th videos played on MTV’s launch back in 1981. It was created when the band members were still young and partying all over the UK, which makes sense given the lyrics – when the singer tells his partner that he loves her, she responds by saying “you better” – on which the singer tells her… you bet! 

Name: Gambling Man Lyrics by Eddie Money

Performer: Eddie Money

Release Date: December 1977

Rotations: The album with song got on 37th spot on US Billboard Chart

Country of Origin: USA

In this song, the singer once again mentions a four-leaved clover. He also combines his love for a woman with games, such as dice, cards, and many others. Sadly, the song was never released as a single, so it lacks a music video, which could be very creative. 

Name: Easy Money by Billy Joel

Performer: Billy Joel

Release Date: 08/08/1983

Rotations: The album with the song was 111 weeks on US Billboard Charts

Country of Origin: USA

The song comes from an album regarded as one of the best from Billy Joel – the same record also featured Uptown Girl and Tell Her About It. Easy money never came close to such colossal fame, but it was used – and recorded specifically for it – in a film with the same title. Easy money starred Joe Pesci and Rodney Dangerfield, very popular actors. 

Top Songs About Poker And Gambling

Name: Ace of Spades by Motörhead

Performer: Motörhead

Release Date: 08/11/1980

Rotations: 13 weeks on UK Singles Chart

Country of Origin: UK

The most known songs about casinos focuses on risks and gambling. The band’s singer had a tattoo with the symbol on his forearm. The song is beloved by fans and was used in video games – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 – and TV Shows and movies. While it’s an actual metal song, it is easy to listen to – you don’t have to be a fan of this type of music to enjoy Ace of Spades. No surprise, it’s regarded as the best song of the band – this symbol in gambling is known as most valuable. 

Name: When You’re Hot, You’re Hot by Jerry Reed

Performer: Jerry Reed

Release Date: March 1971

Rotations: 1st spot on US Hot Country Singles

Country of Origin: USA

There’s no song like this one. It describes an illegal game that is being played in an alley. The singer is winning, which means he’s hot – a phrase frequently used in casinos. He and his buddies got arrested, and he hopes for a small fine and quick release from court – sadly, he owes money to the judge and gets thrown into the prison – which indicates his hot streak breaks down! The song won a Grammy for the best country record, which only shows how popular it was back in the day. 

Name: The Jack by AC/DC

Performer: AC/DC

Release Date: December 1975

Rotations: Album with the song peaked at 2nd position on Australian Music Charts

Country of Origin: Australia

The song refers to many card symbols like Queen, the King or Ace – it is mostly about intercourse and a relationship with a woman. The song also uses the phrase poker face, just like Lady Gaga’s we’ve mentioned earlier. There’s also a Royal Flush, which combines the 5 highest cards in a deck. It was never a single, but it was the famous live song, which AC/DC played when it was touring with the TNTthe album.

Name: Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley

Performer: Elvis Presley

Release Date: 20/05/1964

Rotations: 17th position on US Charts

Country of Origin: USA

It wasn’t the most popular single of Elvis Presley, but the song nowadays is a cult classic, beloved by many. It was used in a film with the same title, where Elvis was the main star. Besides that, Viva Las Vegas was covered by many artists and bands, notably Bruce Springsteen and ZZ Top. It was also covered for the Scooby-Doo movie and many, many more. The title is an obvious homage to the home of gambling, Las Vegas. That’s where the plot of the film takes place. 

Name: The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

Performer: Kenny Rogers

Release Date: 15/11/1978

Rotations: 1st Place on US Country Charts

Country of Origins: USA

Not as popular as in 1978, this song is still one of the best from Kenny Rogers. It was re-recorded by Johnny Cash and by many other musicians. The song became famous in 2007 again when sung by one of the TV Show The Office characters. The more interesting fact is that one of the MLB’s pitchers was nicknamed The Gambler. Why? He wasn’t a gambler or anything like that – he shared the name with the singer! 

Name: Beatin’ the Odd by Molly Hatchet

Performer: Molly Hatchet

Release Date: September 1980

Rotations: Album Peaked at 25th Spot on US Charts

Country of Origins: USA

The song was placed on with its influences and country-rock bands and was enjoyed by the band’s fans. The text of this song is primarily positive and focuses on cooperating with Lady Victory. She helped the singer always beat the odds – which in gambling means winning even if cards, dices or anything else is against your luck! 

Name: Got No Place by Casino

Performer: Casino

Release Date: 25/03/2013

Rotations: The album didn’t get on charts

Country of Origins: UK

Due to breaking up and forming again under new names. Even though the name could suggest their love for gambling or casinos, their casino songs don’t focus on that topic. Got No Place is an excellent UK punk-rock song, which has to be on your casino playlist. 

Name: Take a Chance on Me by ABBA

Performer: ABBA

Release Date: January 1978

Rotations: 1st spot on charts around the world

Country of Origins: Sweden

One of many known ABBA songs, Take a Chance on Me, is often called the most energetic and, by many – the best. While it’s mostly about love, the title can be interpreted as trying your luck on a slot machine or card game in a casino. The music video is also one of the band’s best recorded. 

Songs About Gambling Addiction

Gambling Man by Lonnie Donegan

Release Date: 1957

Country of Origins: UK

Donegan was a skiffle artist, and his song, Gambling Man, is one of the best examples of this genre. While the song’s central theme is a gambling man, he’s portrayed rather positively – even though he’s addicted, women enjoy his company and prefer spending time with him than with a railroad man or a farmer. The Gambling Man Lonnie Donegan was a hit in the UK and was also the last record released on 78 rpm format, which was being replaced by 45 rpm. 

Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man by Bob Seger

Release Date: January 1969

Country of Origin: USA

Recently, the Gambling Man Mob Seger song was used in Quentin Tarantino’s film titled Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It was featured in other movies too and covered many times by bands like The Guess Who, The Black Keys, or Bruce Springsteen. This time, the singer has a lot less luck than in the song before – he’s out of money and on the run, so he can’t stay with a girl he loves. 

Gambling by Rod Wave

Release Date: 03/07/2016

Country of Origin: USA

This piece is known for the hit film The Hunger Games. The song focuses on gambling and gangs – the singer is on the run and has to protect himself from other people by shooting and killing them, all because of his money. Thanks to that, it perfectly fits the film’s theme – the contestants of The Hunger Games also have to protect themselves and kill other participants. 

Gambling Man by The Overtones

Release Date: 08/10/2010

Country of Origin: UK

As the singer suggests, he was never a gambler – but for love of that special someone, he’s willing to bet his odds and risk it all. By doing so, he can lose that person forever, but he’s hoping for that big win – something that all gamblers do, risking vast amounts of money and other things to try and win that jackpot or other grand prize. 

Best Casino Themed Songs You’ve Probably Heard

№1. Waking Up in Vegas by Katy Perry. The title of the song, and the music video, are a play on the famous saying “what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas”, meaning that whatever happens in this city shouldn’t be spoken of when you’re in other places. Katy Perry stars in the music video in which she races down the streets of Vegas and enjoys her time there, as she also wins jackpots on a slot machine with her boyfriend. 

№2. Luck be a Lady by Frank Sinatra. While it’s not Sinatra’s original song, he definitely made it famous. Luck is portrayed as a person in the gambling world – as a woman. Many think that it is because of this song, and while we can’t be sure about that, this sounds like a good theory. In the song, the singer asks luck to accompany him tonight, as he gambles, plays a game of dice and wishes to defeat other players.

№3. The Gambler by Johnny Cash. We’ve mentioned the song earlier, but Cash’s version is so popular we want to talk about it some more. For many people, this version is even better than Rogers’. Its upbeat tempo makes it a perfect theme to play cards or slot machines, and it was played in casinos around the world.

№4. Snake Eyes by Mumford & Sons. The title is probably known to anyone who has ever played a dice game. Snake eyes is the worst possible combination, which results in getting two ones. The song uses this theme to tell a story about a failed, dishonest relationship – it wasn’t thriving and ended in the worst way possible, just as getting snake eyes would in a gambling game. 

№5. Casino Boogie by The Rolling Stones. While creating this song, the band had a problem making lyrics. Because of that, Mick Jagger decided to write random phrases on pieces of paper, mix them up, and then allow band members to pick them out randomly. The order of the lyrics is the same order in which they were selected. What’s also interesting about this song is that it has never been played live – the band isn’t really proud of this one! 

№6. The Winner Takes it All by ABBA. Created while the band was going through a break-up, the lyrics are bittersweet. The Winner takes it all is cited in casinos during various games, especially at their ends, when players often go all-in, meaning they’ll bet their real Cash. In situations like that, the Winner really takes it all – gets all the money, chips or whatever was bet on. The music video for the song features photos of the band, showing their history together. 

Music Casino Concerts in the Biggest Casinos

Casinos are more than a place to play slots or card games. They typically feature hotels, bars, restaurants and stages on which live music can be played. Some casinos are used as clubs, while others prefer band gigs. What are the popular places around the world?

  • EDM Casino offers a smaller stage, which country and folk bands use the most. Various tribute bands regularly play there, including Johnny Cash or Elvis Presley covers. Not only that, the casino is going to hold a meeting with WWE fighter Bret Hart. 
  • Mohegan Sun. Located in Uncasville, the casino features Native Americans-themed rooms and design. Big bands, such as Earth Wind & Fire, play there. There are also stages for comedians and entertainment and other events. An MMA Fight of Garcia vs Storley will happen there at the end of February. The casino would hold even more events, but many of them were postponed or canceled due to the pandemic. 
  • Mystic Lake casino is well known for hosting concerts and events with big stars. TOTO, Tyrese, and celebrities such as Lewis Black or Slash visit this lovely casino and its stage. Mystic Lake also offers free events, including concerts of tribute bands or club-like shows, where guests can dance to live music. 
  • Foxwood casino combines a hotel, restaurant, and stage, making guests love visiting it. Judas Priest or Alice Cooper will see it this year, so fans of rock and metal music are definitely going to storm its doors! Other than that, the casino invites many Latino artists and comedians. 
  • Hollywood Casino. Last on our list is Hollywood and its arena. Bands such as The Black Keys, Backstreet Boys, Matchbox Twenty, or Kid Rock will play there in the summer – since the stage is out in the open, there are no concerts during winter. But in summer, many people decided to go there for at least one fantastic show.

New Slot Machine Music Sound: Musician Celebrities in Slot Machines

Slot machines and new casino games free are often much more than just some vague references to artists or music in general. Sometimes big stars share their slot machine song or their own image in a game. We’ve come up with a list of our favorite games that use well-known musician traits! Many free online slot games absolutely realistically convey the artist in the game, preserving his appearance, style, etc., and immersing the player in the atmosphere of his favorite idol.

  • Tim McGraw Slots for free no download mainly uses Tim’s face, depicted with his famous hat. Other than that, the game, prepared by Aristocrats, also features some of the musician’s items, such as his guitar or microphone. The free slot game provides the player with a jackpot that equals 500 thousand dollars. Other than that, the game has a particular wheel of fortune bonus, which can grant a multiplier for wins, free spins, and much more. Last but not least, the piece provides up to 100,000 ways to win, thanks to the Reel Growth function in the new slot games!
  • Motörhead Slot free coins. Lemmy fruit machine, the band’s lead singer, was a big fan of gambling and even traveled with his own fruit slot. We aren’t surprised that NetEnt released a video slot meant to be a tribute to the band. Special symbols on the reels show Lemmy’s face, and during winning games, you can hear guitar riffs that end with some of Lemmy’s sayings. The slot offers the chance to win free spins and has special bomb symbols that blow up on the reels offering other random symbols – greatly increasing your chance to win big! The game also has a jackpot that is awarded randomly while playing.
  • Alice Cooper Slot. The singer got their own unique slot called Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness. In this game created by Play N Go, your job is to release the singer from his locks, which grants the player an extra wild symbol. The game has 4 particular functions that trigger randomly after any non-winning spin – the bonus can swap any low symbols into high symbols, wilds, or fill the screen with more of the same symbols. Like many slots in this style, this machine also offers a chance to win free spins – and in some cases, free spins with huge multipliers. 
  • Dean Martin Slot machine song. While this game doesn’t use Martin’s image too often, it features many songs. Thanks to that, the gameplay becomes much more enjoyable. Big Money Burst, created by SG Gaming, uses somewhat standard symbols for music-themed games, such as notes or microphones. The game has an attractive design, with 2 reels only having 3 rows. The machine provides the player with wild symbols, free spins, and special multipliers.
  • Madonna Slot Express Yourself, once again made by Aristocrats, named after the singer’s world tour and song, is a great game that uses her songs and face. The game features many multipliers, making winning huge amounts of money possible with even smaller bets. Other than that, the piece offers a jackpot and free spins. There are also wild symbols, which can substitute other symbols on reels in the free new slots. 

Music-Themed Slots

As we said, celebrities aren’t the only ones used on music slots. Plenty of games also feature this genre, sometimes using bands or singers’ names and other times just slightly referencing their work. In addition, many games have characteristic slot machine winning music, which give uniqueness and originality. In addition, slot machine jackpot music is very popular among users.

  • The Jimi Hendrix game features the guitarist’s face as a symbol, and it also uses some of his music in the background or during big wins. NetEnt, creators of the game, prepared some bonuses, such as free spins or wild symbols, which can make your wins even more significant. There are also special functions at play during free games, such as extra Wild symbols instead of low-paying symbols or instant wins with multipliers up to x30 your bet! 
  • Megadeth free new slots games. If you prefer heavier tunes, check out this metal band game, made by Leander Games. Besides the classic music symbol, the game uses the face of band members. Lead Singer face is also used as a Wild symbol, one of the best bonuses on this slot. The game features a special bonus round and free spins with sticky wild prizes – in total, you can play up to 15 free games that offer huge wins. There’s also a special symbol with band member Vic, which expands the newest free slots – it adds an extra reel. All that makes this new slot machines game one of a kind! 
  • Guns N’ Roses by NetEnt again, this features symbols adorned with roses and faces of members of the band. There are snippets of live performances played during big wins, which should also be an excellent feature for lovers of this band. As for the features – the game offers Expanding Wilds function, free spins, and a bonus game, which provides the player with extra multipliers. 
  • Karaoke Party definitely stands out, primarily due to its design. Created by Microgaming, the new casino slot games special symbols feature people, singers, and bands connected to the real world. It’s a pretty simple game, but it features free spins and massive wins – something that should draw any player to the party. The game also has a gamble feature, turning even smaller wins into big payouts!
  • Michael Jackson King of Pop. Sharing the name with the singer’s nickname, this slot features everything connected with Jackson – his face, sunglasses, hat, gloves, and even his moonwalking stance. It was made by smaller studio Bally, which doesn’t mean the game should be overlooked. The music slot machine Michael Jackson features some of his songs played in the background during the game – Beat It, Bad, Dirty Diana and more. It also has Wild symbols, substituting for other icons, and bonus features that provide free spins or a special wheel of fortune with various prizes – multipliers, more free games, or even extra credits. You should try Michael Jackson King of Pop slot machine download.
  • Sabaton  combines band members with military equipment, which makes sense, given the themes of most of their songs – which focuses on wars, fights and such. Sadly, it doesn’t feature any snippets from Sabaton songs – but during wins, there are heavier riffs played, which can be enough for some players for sure. As with many more Play N Go slots, this game also has a chained reels feature – where two reels can be linked and provide the same symbols, offering a chance to get plenty of credits.
  • Deadmau5, based on a famous DJ, was released by Microgaming. The new free slot machines with free spins feature the helmet of the DJ – a huge mouse. Besides that, it doesn’t really feature anything from the musician – symbols are happy women that went clubbing, and the game mostly focuses on that side of the music theme. The Deadmau5 slot machine has vast multipliers, though, so you can earn a lot of money by playing it!
  • Hammerfall is a classic Play N’ Go new casino slots, it uses a lot of Hammerfall music – a Swedish metal band. The free slot play no download doesn’t feature their images or logos, but the inclusion of music should be enough for the band’s lovers. The game itself is really captivating and offers special functions named after songs of the band, such as And Yet I Smile or Never Forgive, Never Forget. If you’re looking for fun features, the game also has them – you can earn free spins pretty frequently. It also is unique thanks to its design. The symbols appear from the top, and in the case of winning games, winning combinations disappear, making room for more symbols – all during one spin!
  • Rock n Roll isn’t anything unique but offers fun and easy-to-understand gameplay, making it great for anyone who’s starting to play in casinos online. The game has a colorful background, and its symbols are jukebox or vinyl. Multi Rock and Roll free slots new games also implemented some features – wild symbols, Scatter icons that offer free spins, and bonus rounds that can be triggered with a vinyl record.

Best Slot Machines To Play 2022

  • Kiss slot machine online. If you love this classic band, you should definitely play their new casino slot machine music games. The members are featured in the game’s background, and their songs are played during the game. Other than that, band members’ faces, with their unique painted images, can score you big multipliers! Even special modes, such as World Tour, allow you to get huge wins.
  • Elvis Lives can often be found on various new free casino games, but Elvis Lives is definitely the best out of them. Giant images with the singer, his stylish sunglasses, and music played during spins and gameplay make this game a perfect choice for Elvis fans. The game from WMS studio features a wild symbol and free spins – so you don’t have to spend much to win a lot! You can even earn multipliers during Elvis Lives free slots, which makes this machine really great for all players. 
  • The Rat Pack shares its name with an old American band, and while it doesn’t use their faces or images, the game is heavily inspired by the band’s tunes. The new free slot machines with free spins was prepared by Microgaming and offered to scatter symbols that pay on any position and provide the player with free spins. The new free slot games also has 2 types of Wild symbols, offering wins up to x5000! Songs that play while the reels spin will be familiar for any band fans. Also, the game has plenty of symbols with rats depicted with musical instruments, which is also a reference to the band members.
  • Punk Rock Slot. Let’s get back to heavier tunes – this time, moving to Great Britain to listen to some punk rock! While the game doesn’t feature any famous bands, the game’s symbols can be quickly recognized. You’ll see Churchill or Einstein here, but depicted in a unique, punk way. The music on the slot is also inspired by bands like The Who or The Clash. NoLimit City, the game developer, isn’t that well known, but the game is still plenty of fun, as it offers free spins, re-spins, sticky wilds, and more. It also has 243 ways to win, making it a perfect slot for huge wins! 
  • Ocean Song slot machine. Since the last games were mainly online, we wanted to give an example of a brick-and-mortar casino game. Ocean Song, made by Gimmie Games, focuses on water-theme but features a great soundtrack, which makes many music slots check this game out. This piece offers a chance to win free spins and has wild symbols – pretty basic, but fun and perfect for any player, no matter his or her experience! 
  • Dancing Drums new free slots were made by WMS. The slot uses an Asian, mainly Chinese theme and combines great music and huge wins. The slot also allows the player to win free games and special multipliers, guaranteeing even higher wins! The game also has a jackpot divided into 4 tiers – mini, minor, major, and grand. The last one pays 1135 times your bet – so a lot of money can be won even with lower stakes! 

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