Guide to the Ukulele

Considering the types, size, woods, and brands, finding the right Ukulele can be a challenging task. Ukuleles are available in four popular sizes, Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. Several artists have been using Ukuleles for music performances related to pop, rock, and folk as well. To help you out with the buying process, we have prepared this buying guide which includes the important things that you must consider before buying alongside the highlighting features of every product that we’ve mentioned. Without any further adieu, let’s begin.

Things to consider when buying a Ukulele

When it comes to choosing a Ukulele, the most important thing you need to understand and consider is the type and size.


As already mentioned, Ukuleles come in four different sizes, and the soprano is the smallest amongst them. Surprisingly, it is this type that people always assume whenever they hear the word “Ukulele.” Sopranos features the smallest body amongst different Ukulele types and have 12-15 frets. In addition to that, it produces that classic “twangy” sound, which is normally produced by a ukulele. Since it’s the smallest in size, many people prefer to buy them as they are great for traveling and could be easily carried along.


Comparatively bigger than sopranos and other small-sized ukuleles, is the concert. Concerts typically feature 15-20 frets. Since they are bigger, they produce a sound that is fuller as well. For beginners, concerts tend to be the favorite as they are neither too big nor too small. Not only are they portable, but they also produce a solid sound. Interestingly, they produce that classic “twangy” ukulele sound as well.


The tenor is comparatively bigger as compared to both sopranos and concerts. Normally, tenors feature 18 frets or more. Since it has a larger body, you will have more frets to play with and produce an even fuller sound. This type is the professional’s choice as the larger size provides the players more room for the fingers on the fretboard.


Lastly, the baritone is the biggest amongst the types that have been mentioned earlier. For guitar players, this is going to be the perfect crossover. In addition to that, the tuning of baritones also differs from other types such that it does not follow the standard tuning of g-C-E-A. Instead, it follows the same tuning as that of the top four strings of a guitar i.e., D-G-B-E.

Final Words

This brings us to the conclusion of this guide. By now, you must have become familiar with different types of Ukuleles and the features that differentiate them. Our pick for beginners would be the Kala KA-155 Mahogany Soprano Ukulele. This instrument perfectly balances reliable build quality and premium quality sound while being budget-friendly. Whereas for professionals, we would recommend the Mahalo Hano Series MH2 Concert Ukulele as it offers everything from premium quality tuners and strings to splendid tonewood, suiting every professional ukulele player needs.