How to Improve Your Enjoyment of Music

Music can move us to tears, elevate our moods, and even remind us of times that have long gone. Music can be extremely meaningful for many of us as it can hold connotations of special moments in our lives, help us think clearly or improve our mindset. For some of us, music is a release and a creative outlet, whether we simply lie down with our eyes closed and listen to our vinyl player of music through our headphones, or we learnt a musical instrument and play it in our ‘down time’ or with friends.

Not everyone, however, is musically inclined. Some of us may not find music peaceful or be able to sit down and relax while listening to it. Or, you may not be able to tell the difference between certain genres or similar musical instruments. Whether you are an audiophile, a casual listener, or a complete newbie when it comes to music, there are many ways you can improve your enjoyment of music. Here are a few music habits you should consider getting into if you want to take your music listening to the next level.

1. Listen to Music in the Dark

Have you ever become too overwhelmed by your other senses that you struggle to focus on one of them more than the others? This overstimulation can be very common, which is why if you want to focus on hearing and listening, you should consider taking away the other senses so that you can solely focus on the audio you wish to experience. This can also be a great exercise to teach you to focus whenever you start listening to music or a podcast.

Turn off your lights, close your curtains, and make sure you are in a quiet room. Once you have a nice and comfortable dark space to listen to your music, hit ‘Play’ and enjoy. You can also learn to play instruments in the dark, as this should help you hear the acoustics properly and more effectively.

2. Create a Comfortable Space

Much like when listening to music in the dark, you will want to create a comfortable space so that you can relax and unwind and feel very at ease. After all, music is created to be enjoyed, so why not create a comfortable space that could be solely used for listening to music? Here is how you can create a room that is dedicated to listening to your favorite bands and songs.

3. Learn to ‘Hear More’ by Training Your Brain

Did you know that you can train your brain to hear more when listening to music? You can do this by taking a few tracks and focusing on the separate elements that are used to come together when creating the whole audio. It is believed that listening to Pink Floyd is a great way teach your brain to understand the different elements that can be used to create a great track. For example, listen to Pink Floyd’s track ‘Money’. Try and focus on one element. Then listen to the whole track again. When you are listening to all parts, try to focus on that singular element again.

4. Take the Time to Learn Your Musical Preferences

There are many genres of music out there, so make sure that you take the time to learn which genre is your favorite and resonates with you the most. This is important as there can be great pressures to like a certain type of music more than another – this could be due to your friends’ preferences or because of what society deems to be the best genre. However, you should not let this sway your preferences.

Take the time to consider what kind of instruments, tone, and rhythm you prefer. For instance, if you like heavier music, then you may wish to listen to some alternative, rock, metal bands and see where this leads you. If you like electronic music, then this should be your avenue of exploration.

Listening to your music via music streaming platforms like Spotify can be handy as it allows you to create playlists, ‘Like’ your favorite songs, and then it will create playlists for you. It will also suggest other bands that are similar to your preferences but also remind you of any recent releases that may have slipped past you.

5. Invest in Proper Equipment

Listening to music through equipment that is of low quality can make the listening experience a lot worse and even cause you to not want to listen to music through that means. Therefore, you should invest in equipment that will heighten the music experience – especially if you are a lover of music. If you enjoy listening to music through your smart phone or a dedicated music player, then be sure to purchase high-quality headphones. If you love listening to your music through a vinyl player, then be sure to find the best way to listen to your vinyl as well as the best way to look after your records.

6. Find a Way to Listen to Your Music in High Quality

There are various ways to listen to music. For instance, you can invest in a music streaming service much like Spotify and Apple Music, but not everyone has the means, or wants to do this. One great way to listen to music is through YouTube. There are various playlists available on YouTube, allowing you to watch music videos for free. Plus, if you are watching a video and happen to hear a song in the background, you can always convert the audio from a YouTube video and download it to your PC. If you are unsure on how to do this, then here is a useful YouTube to MP3 converter Mac guide that you can follow from Setapp. Take a look at their blog and see how their app can help you listen to music from YouTube easily and without much hassle. They can also help you out with a variety of other Mac/PC related issues.

Audiophiles will always be on the lookout when it comes to finding the best way to listen to their favorite bands and enhancing their musical experience. The aforementioned tips are only a few ways in which you can do this.