Nuraphone Wireless In-Ear & Over-Ear Headphones

Are you craving for a more personalized highly tuned sound experience whenever you listen to music? Allow these Nuraphone Bluetooth headphones to let you indulge in listening to your favorite music with a crisp clear sound suited to your hearing. By using these headphones, you will discover the perfect sound that absolutely matches you. Moreover, if you’re a fan of online gambling, you must check out the best online casino new Zealand.


Music is part of our lives, and most of the time, the music we listen to is based on our personality or on our preferences. But did you know that the range of sound we hear is also based on our own unique hearing system? The sounds we are hearing are different from how others hear them? For example, you might have noticed that some people’s hearing is much more sensitive than everyone else. Hearing is very unique to the individual much like our fingerprints.

Nuraphone is the world’s first headphones that have built-in self-learning engine inside its core to adapt to the user’s hearing system. By just putting them on and playing music for the first time, it will start the process of customizing the listening. This headphone will automatically adjust accordingly to your hearing and will create your own hearing profile. Your hearing profile is your personalized sound system based on your unique hearing. On the other hand, if you are looking for a great way to enjoy online gambling, you should try these online slots machine.

The hearing profile is created automatically by your first usage. Nuraphone will play wide ranges of tones based on your selected music for the first time of use. Then the soundwaves will enter your ear and it will generate a return signal. This return signal will be encoded as your unique hearing signature based on your ear’s response for the treble notes, bass notes and all the notes in between. This process will automatically occur in just about a minute. Then, voila! You have just created your unique hearing profile without touching any buttons.

The hearing profile you have just created adapts to your hearing system. It also identifies you to your Nuraphone when you are using it. By using it with the encoded hearing profile, it allows the Nuraphone to play your favorite music in full clear details that adjusts the frequencies of the sounds to relate the notes that needed to be higher or lower depending on your encoded hearing profile.

Your hearing profile will show you different shapes and colors depending on your profile. These shapes will show you how you hear the frequencies of the sound differently. It will also inform you how sensitive you are to these frequencies. The shapes in your profile contain all the information about your hearing sensitivity to different tones. And the colors that appear on your profile are in two tones that are unique to you. It allows you to easily recognize your own unique hearing signature.

Its design is composed of two combined ear-cup and ear-buds. It has a Haptic-sense technology that creates an immersive feeling of listening to a live performance. You can adjust the immersion level depending on your location, whether you are standing at the back of a room or sitting in the front row.

It has a patented in and over ear architecture that delivers bass which you can feel. It operates the melodic sound to split into two. The melodic sounds travel through the in-ear speaker and over-ear tactile driver that sends the bass sounds to reach to your skin.

Nuraphone also has an active cooling system. It draws in cool air at the bottom of the cup and releases warm air at the top to keep your ears comfortable even when using it for a long time. The releasing of air matches to your music as well. It vibrates along to the beat of the sound allowing the listener to hear quality music while also letting them feel the music.

It has six extremely sensitive microphones that greatly support voice calls. Plus, it also supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity allowing the user to play music worry free and tangle free. It has side buttons that you can program to play, pause, or change the modes.

Nuraphone headphones reinvented the traditional type of headphones because it has dual-layer sound isolation that allows you to hear every note and feel every beat. With its unique deep immersion mode, you can actually feel the depth of the sound that you hear. Nuraphone headphones will surely give you a fully personalized sound experience.