Thunderball UK lottery – why is it worth playing?

The UK is the best place where lottery lovers can stay. In the UK, there are bigger games like Jokabet casino review and it can make you win a very huge amount of money that can set you for life. If you prefer to play smaller lotteries with good odds than bigger ones, then the Thunderball UK lottery is the game you need.

In Thunderball, there are few odds to choose and it is better than other giant UK lotteries. The truth is that winning a Jackpot in the Thunderball lottery cannot make you multi-millions like other bigger UK lottery but consistently playing with good odds can give you such a rare opportunity.

THUNDERBALL – A Quick Summary

Thunderball has existed since 1999. It is played with a minimum of £1 per game and the odds are very favorable. Every British lotto enthusiast always prefers to play Thunderball because it is worth playing.

When this game was introduced in 1994, it was only played on Saturdays but as time and more innovation set in. Camelot, the original creator of Thunderball decided to bring in a second weekly drawing. Then in 2010, a third weekly drawing was introduced and since this significant change was made, the Thunderball UK lottery has been in high demand.

Since then until today, the rules of Thunderball have changed countless times. Initially, the Thunderball was played five out of 34 games, and later on, the number of games to be selected increased, and the maximum jackpot that each player could win also increased.


Thunderball is an interesting British lottery that has gained increasing popularity in every town and city in Britain. Although it is not as profitable as the EuroMillions but the exciting Thunderball draws, moderately favorable odds and huge jackpots make it better than many lotteries in the UK. Here are interesting facts that make it worth playing.

1. Exciting Thunderball Draws

Thunderball is a game that is easy to play and you can buy official Thunderball tickets from the confines of your house. The game is always played every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. To win Thunderball, five main Thunderball numbers and the additional Thunderball have to correspond. Once you get this correct, you will hit a fixed jackpot of 500,000 pounds. This amount is the weekly drawings made available to every individual. The possibility of winning the Thunderball jackpot is one in 3,895,584 while in comparison with the other UK lottery is one in 45,057,474. You can click here to check the Thunderball prizes for the winners.

2. Playing From Your Comfort Zone

One of the extraordinary benefits of playing Thunderball is the comfort of having the option to play whenever you wish to, i.e day in and day out. Non-UK inhabitants are also eligible to participate in this lottery from the comfort of their homes. This allows them to win any amount they want.

3. You Can Also Play Any Game Online

If you live in the UK, then you should count yourself as lucky. Thunderball has an official lottery website created by Camelot. This site is designed for every Thunderball lottery player to easily buy a lotto ticket online. The only challenge in this process is to verify your address before you can play the game. This is to restrict people who aren’t living in the UK at that moment so that prize claims will be easily sorted out.

4. It Is Not A Scam

The Thunderball lottery system is not a scam. It is 100% legal. It is managed by the National Lottery – an organization controlled by Camelot Group. You don’t need to be afraid of your money. It is fully secured.