Most Popular Music Instruments in the World

“Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.” This quote by Jean-Paul accurately describes the essence of music in one’s life. Many people find solace in music – whether they play it themselves or listen to others. Either way, music does have a tendency to heal broken souls.

Like many other hobbies, playing a musical instrument is a famous one among youngsters and adults alike. Parents involved in the music industry wish that their children also pick this hobby. Many people leave their passion for the music behind to pursue something else, but they pick up their instruments every once in a while and forget the world for some time.

It should be noted that music does not have to come from something complex. A simple melody on a flute can charm everyone in the room. Similarly, a noisy electric guitar can produce beautiful rhythms if one possesses the skills. 

So, what instruments are played most often around the world, and what do they symbolize? We have made an elaborate list for music lovers, and who knows, you may find a perfect instrument for yourself as well.


1. Guitar



You must have seen kids imitating playing guitar using a wiper in hand. That’s right; guitars are just as popular among folks worldwide. With the increasing popularity of rock music, guitars also gained fame, and soon they started competing with piano for the number one spot. You can play a variety of musical notes on a guitar. Whether it’s a classic to win someone’s heart or a rock tune, you can ace them all on a guitar. 

Several variations are available for guitars now, ranging from classical to electric to acoustic. For rock bands, electric guitars play a vital role. Acoustic guitars are mainly used for alternative tunes. Video games like “Guitar Hero” added to the whole guitar experience. Guitars are a favorite among kids as well. Experts say that a child can start learning guitar by as early as six.

2. Piano


Also, you can prefer the piano which is one of the most popular instruments. Buy it from Pianos for Sale near you to learn good skills. Arguably, the piano is the most popular music instrument worldwide. Many famous musicians started their musical journey after mastering the piano. Its popularity is most probably because of the fact that it is highly versatile. In the US alone, 21 million people play the piano. 

According to La Habra Music Center, even though it is a single instrument, it can play the full spectrum of any instrument present in an orchestra. It is also a great way for kids to start playing as the keys are easy to pluck. 

As much as it is popular, the piano is not an easy instrument – it takes years of practice to perfect it. People consider it to be a bit expensive, so they opt for keyboards which are considered to have the same basics as that of a piano.


3. Violin


A heartbreaking tune and a violin make a lethal combo. There is something about the violin that makes it perfect for a heart-piercing melody. Violin belongs to the family of strings like the guitar, but they are played differently. It is often hard to get used to holding a violin, but there is no stopping from there once you get used to it. 

It requires a good amount of practice to perfect playing the violin. Although violins are associated with classical music, modern musicians have found various ways to incorporate pop and even rock music with a violin. Many pop bands have added violinists as their members, and they seem to be doing quite well since then.

4. The Drums


Music is an excellent way to relieve stress and let go of your inner duress. It gives language to your feelings when words are not enough. The drums are one such example of relieving stress. By hitting them, you release your worries and end up making a nice piece of music. Of course, drums can be noisy at times, and your family might get annoyed, but if you have the right amount of passion, it is worth all the troubles. 

Drums come in different kinds of percussions. Electric drums are also available now that are less noisy than their predecessors. 

5. The Saxophone


Jazz music and saxophones are homologous to each other. A piece of jazz music cannot be complete without a saxophone. The saxophone is the most popular wind instrument, which is widely used in orchestras. The tune that comes out of a saxophone can be made as soft and loud, depending on the piece of music. Although saxophones are associated with jazz music, they can be rendered into other genres as well.

6. Flute


Flutes are famous for their melodic and charming tunes. They are often associated with South Asian culture for their rustic use. Flutes are portable and pretty easy to learn. As it’s a wind instrument, it is a great way to control breathing and improving posture and core strength. 

Flutes are primarily associated with classical music, but they are commonly found in folk music and cultural events.

7. The Cello


Visually, a cello (pronounced as CHEL-oh) looks just like a bigger version of a violin. It is played while sitting down because of its size. Although it is not as popular as the violin, many people choose it as their choice of instrument. It can be expensive, but once a cello is played, it is sure to mesmerize the audience. 

A cello is good on its own, but it can be magical in a band. Kids can start practicing on a cello from age 5. Smaller versions of the cello are available for kids to practice on, and as they grow up, the size of the cello increases as well.

8. Clarinet


A clarinet is something between a flute and a trumpet that belongs to the woodwind family of instruments. It consists of a single mouthpiece with a straight cylindrical tube. Like the flute, it is also portable and lightweight. Many students start their musical journey with a clarinet because of their ease of use. 

Clarinets can be played solo, but they do wonders when accompanied by other instruments. They are an important part of performing jazz and classical orchestras.

9. Trumpet



The trumpet is the only brass instrument to make it to the modern musical instruments list. It is like the ancient king of brass instruments. It is essential in symphony orchestras and is gaining popularity among R&B, jazz, and rock music. 

Since it is a wind instrument, it can help improve motor skills and even exercise abdominal muscles. 

10. Harp


This may seem a bit odd, but harps are melodious instruments. It is no wonder that harps are illustrated in ancient stories to represent peaceful settings. Not to mention the angels with harps in their hands. A harp is a string instrument played by plucking at the strings. With enough practice, harps can be incorporated into modern tunes as well. Children can start learning to play the harp by the age of 8.

11. Honorable Mentions – Human Voice


How can we forget that the human voice can be so melodious without any aid from the other instrument? These days, it is getting increasingly common to have minimum music behind songs and focus on the lyrics. Rapping and A Capella are perfect examples of such music. 


There is no right or wrong when it comes to music. You go with your heart and choose the instrument that defines you the best. No instrument is inferior to another; they all require tremendous amounts of practice and hard work. Choose your way with the music, and your instrument will help you share your passion.