The Most Popular Genres of Music around the Globe

From drowning our worries to translating our unsaid feelings, music comes to our rescue in numerous ways. Turn the volume up, and you can tone down the hassles of the day or fall in love with a style of music and use it as your therapy. The choice of favorite music styles varies greatly from one individual to another. Following are the most popular music styles around the globe, and you surely would not want to miss them.

  • Pop Music 

According to the statistics, pop music is among the top most popular music styles people want to listen to. This type of music style has evolved greatly over time. One of the most iconic pop music producers was The Beatles. However, their music is often considered to be a cross between pop and soft rock. 

The 1980s were the most flourishing and important era of pop music. This style of music evolved significantly during the time as it shifted towards more electronic sounds. The gap between classic rock and modern music was bridged by pop music. 

  • Hip-Hop or Rap 

This style of music goes by both names, and it is also regarded as a popular music style lately. This music style can also be dated back to the Eighties. However, it is originally related to the Blues and the Gospel – from where it evolved to become a popular music style.

Rap or hip-hop music is widely characterized by rapping, DJing with turntables, and break dancing. Spray painting, along with the music and making wall art, is also considered an eminent component of hip-hop or rap. Musical beatboxing also makes this style incredibly popular, and this is what gives this style a freestyle and street touch.  

  • Rock 

Rock music is a whole another topic due to its vastness, which has countless variations and sub-genres. It is said to have derived wholly from the Blues, gaining popularity among the listeners in the Fifties. Music lovers from the US first embraced rock music which was shortly followed by the fans in Great Britain. While rock music slowly crept its way to the top music genres across Europe, it also gradually became the classic representation of the world turmoil in the 1960s. 

Initially, rock music was rough and blue. It was classic rock’n’roll. However, it then kept on evolving into more diverse variations such as progressive rock. Towards the following decade, vis-à-vis the 1970s, rock music maintained its raspy approach and symbolized the Punk movement. Rock’n’roll always had an enormous following by the youngsters as it had a rebellious touch to it. 

  • Dance and Electronic 

Just like the invention of computers changed the whole outlook of our personal and social lives, the digital revolution also resulted in a new style of music called electronic or dance music. The need for various music instruments became obsolete as you now need is a computer with different composing software. 

This style of music gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s. The dance halls were filled with catchy music and corresponding dances. 

  • Latin Music 

Latin music was still considered a niche style till the Seventies. However, the years to come after that proved to be very important for the popularity of Latin music. The summery hits from great Latino musicians began to take over the charts and energizing the summer parties and get-togethers. 

Latin music also incorporates a wide variety of modern Reggaeton and Samba or other traditional dance styles. Several big hits and Latin music producers have mixed their style of music with mainstream Pop music.  

  • Indie & Alternative rock 

What was initially used to label original bands producing their made-up content inspired by the Punk wave then evolved to the now glamorous singers and composers. The label indie became synonymous with alternative rock music. 

The 90s was the peak season for this style of music. It rose to fame and quickly became the next favorite of listeners who could not relate to the mainstream music style.    

  • Classical Music 

Though it is mainly associated with older people, classical music is also very popular with the younger generation. It has been a huge part of the culture of the United States as people still love to listen to orchestras, symphonies, and operas. 

As opposed to the common misconception that only older people enjoy classical music, many young composers are still working in the music industry to contribute towards the creation of new content in classical music.

  • K-Pop

At a glance, K-pop represents a fun, teen-oriented, colorful, and funky style of music. Initially, K-pop was only popular among the Korean audience. However, with social media becoming one global language of performing arts, K-pop stars and music became popular all around the world. This style of music has taken place among the most popular music styles around the world. K-pop artists have a huge following from all around the world on all social media platforms.

  • Country music 

Country music, known as Western or hillbilly music, is generally described as having moving tunes with simple music structures, generic verses, and beautiful harmonies. All these are produced by string guitars, banjos, and electric or acoustic guitars.  

Country music originated in the mid-1920s in the Southern parts of the United States. This music style has now taken a lot of inspiration from other music styles, such as rock and pop. 

  • Metal 

Metal is one of the most popular sub-genre of rock music. It became so popular with the youngsters that it is now considered a different genre. It is composed of very loud melodies by distorted guitars. Metal music has generally become associated with rebel ideas, creepy images, and appearing true to yourself. 

  • Techno 

This style of music is relatively new. Its origins can be dated back to the mid-1980s in Michigan, United States. It is found closely related to instrumental music, and the most common image associated with techno is a DJ continuously producing upbeat music. 

  • R&B 

This style of music translates to Rhythm & Blues, which was started during the 1940s by the African American people. The typical R&B bands that truly translate the R&B music comprised of piano, guitars, bass drums, foundation vocalists, and a saxophone. 

This type of music is said to be inspired by the harsh and bitter encounters of the African American people as they look for opportunities. It is usually fraught with feelings of disappointments and little triumphs. 

  • Punk Rock 

This is most typically the music style that originated in the late 1970s. Comprising of usually garage rock groups, punk rock helped diverse the standard rock music. The singing styles and upbeat tunes quickly became famous and are still popular among a large group of music lovers. 

Which Music Style Do You Relate To?

Music is a type of performing art that is highly evolving. There is such a wide range of music genres to consider.  It soaks up the surroundings and the circumstances and reflects them in tunes. It is impossible to create an exhaustive list of popular music styles as there are many, and the popularity charts keep on changing.