Things You Must remember to do, when recording an Album in Studio

When you go in a studio, you have no idea how well your album will do on the charts worldwide. However, you should take for granted that it will become a major hit. And so, people will want to know more about what it was like to record this album, who you were with, what was your state of mind at the time, and so on. Therefore, there are a few things you need to do, in order to prepare yourself for such requests. Here are some of the most important ones.

Keep Memories through a Time Lapse Video

That is definitely the one thing you must do, which will be the easiest one as well. Before you start recording in the studio, position a time lapse camera in one of the corners of the room, where it will catch all the action, during the various recording sessions. It should remain there, taking pictures at regular intervals, for as long as you will be recording, without being moved, so that it looks perfect. You can create a time lapse on Android, if you want to. Just check out the info on the link. But if you need your phone for other things (like calling), buy a time lapse camera, as it will do an even better job.

Get a Friend to take lots of Pictures and shoot Videos

There should be a designated photographer/videographer, in the people that will be hanging around the recording studio. It should not be one of the artists, naturally, or anyone that should be seen in the pictures/videos. Make sure that their skills are sufficient to provide you with cool looking pics. Search for someone that knows how to catch moments, as this will be the most important element. People will want to see these three minutes of wild laughter, or the tear that goes down your skin, as you realize this melody will break a million people’s hearts. Videos have to be with sound, so that people can hear the various takes, in the background.

Write a Diary throughout the whole Process

To be fair, this part should be initiated right at the moment when you start writing new songs. People will want to know what was going on in your life that made this album so powerful. If you keep a diary of what goes on in your daily life, they will all want to read it. You need to make sure that a part of it is dedicated to each song, as well as what is going on inside the studio. This diary can keep on being written, right until the moment you launch the album, and maybe even farther down the road, if you want to explain how it felt to become successful. You need to create as many souvenirs as you can, when you record an album in a studio. To you, it will be a way to remember great days of your life, while to your public, it will be a chance to understand and appreciate you, even better.