Tips For Upgrading from Newbie to Best Electric Guitars Under $1000

Once you have become established as an electric guitar player, beyond the beginner, after consistent daily practice sessions, the upgrade in status and skill warrants an update with the purchase of a new instrument. Maybe an intermediate model, a step up in quality but still budget-friendly; something to produce recordings of personal compositions and for use with gigs.

The right upgrade will continue to motivate a musician to work towards bettering themself and inspire creativity beyond their current stage. While it is okay to step up from the newbie title, there are still many things to learn.

Plus, you’ll still be operating with a beginner’s budget making it necessary to find the best electric guitars under 1000 dollars; that can mean working hard to save money for the best brands. Let us look at a few tips on how to shop wisely for an upgrade.

What Are Tips to Upgrade from Newbie to Best Electric Guitar Under $1000

No one spends a fortune on their first electric guitar as a newbie. In fact, a first guitar is usually a gift. That does not mean these are inadequate, but they are satisfactory for daily practice and becoming acquainted with the instrument.

After a sufficient period, your skills begin to outgrow the beginner model. It becomes necessary to upgrade your guitar so that you are encouraged to advance your skills further and inspire a greater degree of creativity.

While you are progressing forward, your budget is probably standing solid at the beginner stage. That means taking the necessary steps to find the best option on the market for reasonable prices, plus working hard to save as much as possible to use toward the better brands. Go to Then check out these ideas for shopping for your upgraded electric guitar.

What Are Tips to Upgrade from Newbie to Best Electric Guitar Under $1000

Look to the top brands for mid-range options

Most newbies transitioning to the next step want to upgrade but must remain on a budget with the electric guitar. Claims indicate that the instruments’ top brands offer models at a more budget-friendly price point. These do not exceed the $1000 mark and can begin as low as $400; awesome coming from the leaders in the industry.

Plus, the guitars come with prime features that can include: “top-quality fingerboard woods including ebony, locking tremolos, plus active electronics.”

Product catalogs with each manufacturer will discern the budget-friendly from the higher costs. When investing at this stage, it would be best to take the opportunity to read the testimonials for guidance on the most appealing options and see the model in play.

When selecting wisely, this upgrade could last for the remainder of your music career with minimal financial hardship. Fortunately, because the branded examples hold value, you could sell the model for an adequate amount if you can accumulate enough to seek the high-end edition at some point.

You do not need to buy a brand-new product

Again, brands hold their value. Buy a used electric guitar if you need to remain within a specific price point. The quality-made instruments withstand abuse and tolerate the test of time well. The only requirement is to re-string the model, have some adjustments, and use a soft cloth for polishing.

You can find used brands in many online selling platforms and auctions, plus music forums centered on guitars or specific websites, social networks or community sites, or local music markets that offer sections dedicated to preowned instruments.

When purchasing privately second-hand, particularly online, always investigate the seller’s reputation and background and ensure the photos are detailed, plentiful and exceptional with clarity. Go here

here to learn if beginners should buy a high-price-point guitar.

Final Thought

When you shop for your next electric guitar, do due diligence in researching so the budget you do have is well-invested in a model that has the potential to carry you through possibly the remainder of your music career.

In an ideal scenario, you can find the dream instrument and negotiate a lower albeit what the seller will still see as a fair price point. Do not be afraid to ask about discounts.

While the shop might not openly advertise the option, that does not mean they do not offer any. You will not know what you might be able to achieve until you put forth the effort.