Tips for Choosing the Best Bluetooth Speakers for Boats

You love to listen to music, no matter where you go – even while you’re out at sea. But if a pair of Air Pods is not enough while boating, a Bluetooth speaker will suffice. 

But one of the challenges with having portable speakers is that many of the places you would want to use them tend to be unfriendly with electronics, such as boats. It’s hard to have a good time when you’re constantly worrying about the likelihood of your fancy speakers getting splashed.

That’s why you want your portable Bluetooth speakers to be waterproof. That’s the number one consideration. Ideally, you also want them to be shockproof (think of getting rocked while on the boat). And, of course, you also want your speakers to be loud enough to be heard while you’re on the boat. On the other hand, we suggest you open the link if you want to know the best online casino australia this year. 

water drops on loudspeaker

Waterproof or water resistance rating

Obviously, you will want your Bluetooth speakers to be waterproof (or water resistant). But how waterproof should they be?

This is why there’s something called the Ingress Protection rating, or IP rating, which tells you how well electronic devices are protected against solids and moisture.

The IP rating uses two digits. The first digit, which runs on a scale from 0 to 6, means how well the device deals with solids. The second digit, which runs on a scale from 0 to 8, means how well the device repels liquid. The higher the digit, the higher degree of protection your speakers have against moisture.

An “X” is used when no data is available to specify a protection rating with regard to either of the two criteria. For instance, if the speaker is rated “IPX7,” it means that the device has no protection against solids while it rates 7 out of 9 in how waterproof it is.

It’s important to note that it’s the manufacturers who establish the IP ratings on their products.

Let’s take a look at the IP protection against moisture:

  • IPX0 – No protection.
  • IPX1 – Protection from small vertical drops of water.
  • IPX2 – Protection from water dripping from a 15-degree angle.
  • IPX3 – Protection from finely sprayed water.
  • IPX4 – Protection from splashing water.
  • IPX5 – Protection against low-pressure jets of water coming from every direction.
  • IPX6 – Protection from strong jets of water coming from every direction.
  • IPX7 – Protected when submerged in water up to 1 meter deep.
  • IPX8 – Protected when submerged in water for long periods at depths greater than 1 meter.

A portable Bluetooth speaker for use on boats should have a rating of at least IPX5, as it could repel a spray or splash of water.

Is “water-resistant” enough for the Bluetooth speakers, or should they be “waterproof”?

It depends on how or where you’ll use your Bluetooth speakers. A water-resistant Bluetooth speaker may be the answer if you’re going to use it in areas that are less likely to be exposed to water, such as the cabin.

But if you’re going to use the speakers in the boat’s cockpit or on other water vessels such as a wakeboard tower, kayak, or jet ski, you should have a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

Speaker, audio loudspeaker with bluetooth wireless connection with mobile smartphone and computer laptop using for voice call communication, multimedia music entertainment, portable mini home theater

Bluetooth range

Bluetooth has a range of between 10 to 30 meters, although the actual distance it reaches may be impeded due to walls, partitions, and other obstacles. However – and most importantly – Bluetooth does not require a line of sight in order to work, making it excellent for boating use.

In addition, Bluetooth isn’t very much affected by the weather. So, as long as your speakers themselves are waterproof, they’ll be perfect for use on the boat.

Another great thing about Bluetooth speakers is that they don’t have to be installed in your boat’s dashboard since they have no wires or cables to bother with. Since they are portable, you can take the speakers out and use them back home or for many other occasions. But if you want your Bluetooth speakers to become a permanent part of your marine vessel, you should select a specific unit that can be secured to your boat’s dashboard, wall, or floor, if needed.

Is it possible to have multiple Bluetooth speakers on the boat?

You can have as many Bluetooth speakers as you want on your vessel and connect them all together without dealing with those pesky hard wires. It will result in a superior surround sound experience. There are several ways to get it done.

Many manufacturers allow up to a hundred (or more!) of their speakers to be connected at one time, therefore giving you the option to have an outstanding surround sound audio experience on the water. Other manufacturers allow up to two units, which still can provide you a with pretty decent surround sound effect.

So, yes, it is possible to create a multi-speaker audio environment on your boat that you can connect to a Bluetooth device and stream your favorite tunes or podcasts. Meanwhile, just in case you also want to find out the best usa online casino, we recommend you visit the given link. 

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Are Bluetooth speakers easy to install?

Bluetooth speakers are typically portable and thus don’t necessarily have to be installed. But it’s possible to have built-in Bluetooth speakers on your vessel if that’s the route you want to choose. There are several Bluetooth speakers in various shapes and sizes, and the options are pretty endless. You may need a guide or a professional if you want your Bluetooth speakers to be installed in a desired area (as long as it doesn’t damage your boat!)

If your boat has cup holders and you want to keep everything basic, then look for cylindrical Bluetooth speakers. Many of them are small enough and shaped in such a way that they would fit in your cup holder easily.

driving a boat

There are other options to install your portable Bluetooth speakers. You can look for other types of Bluetooth speakers that can be attached to mounts, much like mounts work with cameras and GoPros.

That’s one of the best things about portable Bluetooth speakers: less time on installs and more time to enjoy your favorite sounds! Once you’re out of the boat, you can take out the speakers and use them at home or anywhere else. Or have them installed just for a time, and you’re done! You can enjoy the booming and crystal-clear surround sound anywhere you cruise.