How to Choose and use the Best Bluetooth Speaker?

In the first part of our guide, you will find an explanation of the main features that distinguish a Bluetooth speaker, while in the ranking below you will find the review of what seemed to us the best models on the market. Our goal is to help you find the product that best suits your needs in a short time.


The speakers of the best brand stand out from the others for the superior performance they offer. The most versatile models should be compatible not only with all enabled devices, smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc. but they should also have the audio input and have the cable to connect to the most obsolete devices which, however, are not compatible.

As for the connection, some speakers – for example those with Bluetooth 4.0 technology – are more effective than others because they guarantee a faster connection and are also able to ensure better stability of the connection. You may also prefer those models that allow you to place the speaker 10, 20 meters away from your smartphone or reader because, not having to keep them close, they are more comfortable and practical to use. In some cases, it is also possible to automatically reconnect to the last device used.

As for audio performance, the right speaker for you could be the one that ensures the best sound quality because, for example, it distorts the sound very little even at high volumes, or because it has very deep and full-bodied bass, and the function that allows you to enhance them further by pressing just one button.

Another aspect that could guide your choice on one model rather than another is the battery life (which should already be included): if it is a few hours, the risk is to run out of music at the best. An autonomy of 12 or 24 hours, on the other hand, ensures uninterrupted fun without worrying about charging in the middle of the party.


Among the requirements for choosing the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000, design is of considerable importance from three points of view. The first is purely aesthetic: several consumers greatly appreciate a diffuser that is pleasant on the outside and also the possibility that some manufacturers allow to be able to choose their favorite color from a wide range of possible options.

The second is given by the dimensions: the models that combine a reasonable price with a compact design that makes it not only easily transportable but even pocket-sized are often the best sellers. The advantage is that you can always carry it with you to spread your favorite music everywhere.

Finally, check if the speaker you have been eyeing is also waterproof, because this could prove to be a significant advantage. You may not be able to take it in the water when you go to the beach, but there are many situations in which you could use it, such as a party by the pool, in the shower or even in the rain.

NFC and speakerphone

Compare prices and performance of the various speakers and pay attention to two other requirements that increase the versatility of the product. On the one hand, the NFC technology that makes the association between the speaker and the smartphone, tablet, etc. practically immediate. In this case all you have to do to transmit your favorite music is to bring the device close to the speaker and playback will start in an instant; it is a very practical, comfortable and fast system.

On the other hand, check that the speaker has a hands-free function. The advantage here is that you can answer an incoming call without having to turn off the speaker and turn it back on later. If the speakerphone is equipped with noise cancellation, the voice will also be crisp and clear.

How to use a Bluetooth speaker?

To listen to music on the go and share this experience with friends and family, a good accessory to consider is the Bluetooth speaker. These devices allow you to interface with the device where the music is contained (PC, tablet or smartphone) and play it without connecting any cable.

Quality sound

First, when you decide to buy a speaker with Bluetooth technology, you need to choose a model that is able to reproduce the music you want to listen to as faithfully as possible. To do this, a dispassionate advice is to read the various reviews that can be found on the web, written by users who have already purchased it.

If, on the other hand, time is limited then it is better to go towards models of brands that have the production of high-quality audio devices in their strings. The size of the speaker makes a lot of difference in terms of the volume that can be reached: a small speaker held in the palm of your hand will never have the volume level of a living room model powered by an electrical outlet.

Some very small devices promise very loud audio, but very often the sound they offer is subject to a lot of distortion and therefore almost inaudible.

Design and autonomy

A “portable” model of Bluetooth speaker usually includes a rechargeable battery. It is good to evaluate the autonomy of this battery, because it would be a shame to run out of charge during a beach party and therefore not be able to recharge it. Some models designed to be placed in the living room or bedroom can be connected to the electrical outlet.

These are also the ones that in terms of audio reproduction are to be considered the best, also because very often they integrate tweeters and subwoofers to offer a more engaging sound. For the “home” models, design becomes important, since they will have to be inserted in an existing furniture. The market leaves you spoiled for choice, even if the most sought after in terms of design are very often also the most expensive.

Some models of Bluetooth speakers also have hands-free speaker functions: these speakers are equipped with a built-in microphone and allow, when a call is received from the paired smartphone, to answer without using the mobile phone.