3 of The Best Rhodes VST Plugins

Anyone who loves music and musical instruments will smile at the famous name of “Fender”. Did you know that the piano of the same name, was the iconic sound of the rock genre of the 70s? In live performances, this was one of the very first pianos of the electric nature to be used in live performances and has been used ever since because it produces one of the most unique sounds available on the face of the earth.

A lot of the plug-in creators, are either musical geniuses like sound engineers or production artists and know a thing or two about the relationship between software and sound. To add that unique touch to their end-product they usually label them after themselves. “Rhodes” is one such interface named after its creator, Harold Rhodes, or Fender Rhodes.

Thanks to many famous bands as artists using the fender guitar and pianos, people such as Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, and Chick Corea all used the brand instruments, and CBS created a moveable version of the instruments, named the “Suitcase Piano” back in the late 1970s. Further information about this can be read online. It was forgotten for a few decades but then made its appearance again in the 20th century when mark 7 was created, and the rest was history.

On the topic of plugins, if you’re after a classical sound that resembles this, the closest yet, has been the Rhodes VST plugins, after the name of the Fender Rhodes piano, one of their best projects yet. The difference between this and the classic piano is that the plugin includes amplification of microphones and uses an electric guitar alongside it. The resonance is different, and so is the acoustics of the output.

If you like the sound of that (excuse the pun), we have included a list of some of the best Rhodes VST plugins for your DAW, if you looking to duplicate that 70s genre of classical music again.

Some of The Best Rhodes VST Plugins Online

There is nothing quite like the sound of a Rhodes piano, and to recreate this, sound and software engineers have made it possible to use this in their music via VST plugins, the genius invention that enhances any piece of music to create a multi-dimension piece that is acceptable to its audience. Below are some of the best ones you can find online or on plugin online stores.

Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard EP-4

This is a quality plugin that offers a sound much like the fender and Wurlitzer sounds combined. It is created by Applied Acoustics Systems and is a simple combination of only 20 parameters but exquisite options to choose from. This means it can be used by a beginner or a novice and anyone who is not that experienced with the idea of mixing or mastering music, although the two may not be the same https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_mixing_(recorded_music)

As simple as it may be, this option does not get stuck at just one array of sounds based on the Rhodes, but rather gives you a variety of options to use. Such as different tones, rhythms, and things such as chimes, organs, and bells to throw into the mix. It has also got your typical compressors, and some unique combinations of multi-effects and equalizers to play around with. Some have even found unexpected sounds coming out of it, and are liking it.

The advantage is that because it is simple it does not take up much space on your computer’s hard drive, and you get good value for your money too because the sounds are authentic. The interface, however, maybe a little old, and you may not be able to import sounds from other versions, particularly the older versions, but besides that this one is a good choice for all.

Waves Electric 88. This one has a strong built-in reputation amongst the music industry, mainly because it is not stand-alone and has an assortment of some of the best plugin list from DAW VST Hub and product lines in plugins available for enthusiasts. Many of the mixing engineers worldwide use this one as a first option. It has the faithful Rhodes plugin and the interface is one of the most detailed ones we have seen to date. Enabling you to sculpt the ideal batch of sound combinations that you spend the entire day on and never get tired.

The admirable aspect of it is, even though it packs a punch, the price tag that it comes with is surprisingly low. The majority can afford it and use it without any issues. It uses a sampling method that borrows tones from the Mark I 88, making it possible to achieve super realistic sound effects of a smooth quality and consistency, fine-tuned by velocity curves which are so noticeable. Any possible effect you want to add to your project can be done with this.

The advantage is it is affordable and easy to use even though it has many different layers.

AIR Music Technology Velvet 2. This Velvet 2 created by Air Music Technology, is an electronic piano plugin with an acceptable amount of adaptability. It is comprised of a combination of 5 different sounds made by the best electric pianos to date. 5 of them are unique and sound nothing like the other but rather have their tones. All 5 are of the Fender Rhodes edition, namely the Fender Rhodes Suitcase, Hohner Pianet-T, Fender Rhodes MK I and II, and the Wurlitzer 200A.

There is also an addition of onboard effects built into it which can enhance any natural capabilities of these plugins, which makes room for even more experimental sounds. You can send some warm tones into the sounds using the tube drive, and further adjust aspects of the curve, reaction, and timbre dynamics. Throw in some pedal sounds and your good to go!

Anyone who is looking for some efficiency in their workplace should choose this one to work with for the interim. It has over 350 presets in its library, and a variety of effects to choose from which match the authentic sounds that come out of it. The only downside to it is because of so many options to choose from, it may take some time to load in comparison to its predecessors, plus this is a stand-alone version, for now.

Mastering plugins is not impossible, anyone can do it and there is an assortment of different information regarding this online such as here, for you to look through, or maybe even take on an online course or two.