A Guide to ASMR

ASMR is currently one of the most popular trends on YouTube. In this article, we want to give you a complete guide on how to get started with ASMR channels, some useful tips on ASMR, the right hardware, and tips and tricks to improve your overall ASMR sound.

The term ASMR refers to the autonomic sensory meridian response, and is often described as a static sensation that refers to a feeling of pricking, that is, a feeling of comfort and relaxation that radiates from the skin from the head down the neck and the spine. . This motive can be anything, but a subculture has formed around YouTube videos and their growing popularity in recent years.

The “headache sensation” that some people call it comes from attractive images and soft noises such as rumors, accents, and crackling noise. For example, you may have felt sleepy or relaxed when you cut your hair or hear someone explain it slowly and gently. The sounds of nature are also a good example.

In fact, in recent years more and more people have shown interest in ASMR. ASMR can be measured by how many people have searched ASMR on YouTube every day over the years.

How Does ASMR Work?

ASMR is a relatively new field with few confirmed scientific discoveries. Experiences vary from person to person, but quiet sounds and slow movements are thought to activate sensory receptors in the brain, triggering the tingling and relaxed emotions some describe.

How to make an effective ASMR video?

ASMR videos take many forms and all offer different audio and visual experiences. If you are considering making an ASMR video, you first need to decide what type of video you are going to produce. An effective ASMR video has several components, including:

  • Sensitive Microphone-ASMR video is completely related to audio, so you need a powerful microphone to record effectively.
  • Whispering Voice-Many ASMR videos depend on whispering or slow voice. It should be soft and calm.
  • Use what you have at home. Most of the tools used for video, such as painting, hair, ironing, etc., are available online at home.


How to Answer Folks Calling It Sexual

Well, it’s not, and the idea springs from the descriptions of terms such as brain orgasm. ASMR, in reality, is a simple feeling rather than a sexual one. It provides health benefits in many different ways, so we really need to get rid of the misconception. Another thing: it’s best to be calm and relaxed in front of the camera. Feel like you want the people watching you to feel. Get nostalgic about your first ASMR experience, and convey gentleness throughout the broadcast. 

Things you need:

You need a camera and microphone to record the video. You need an editor before uploading your video to the internet. Standard video editors like Adobe Premiere Pro should also be included in the list. You don’t need expensive equipment, but some makers like to use binaural microphones to transmit sound separately to the left and right ears.

ASMR inspiration

ASMR videos come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each trend has its fans and followers. Some people like it when they see people getting their work done, but it doesn’t work for others. Likewise, some viewers experience only trance and relaxation, while others only experience sound from the typewriter keyboard.

  • By whispering. Whispering or speaking quietly is a common topic in ASMR. Using different soft tones and intense pronunciation is a technique that helps listeners relax.
  • Blowing. The sound of blowing into the microphone or the sound of soft wind is another popular area of ​​ASMR video.
  • Scratch and tap. The sound of tapping or scratching the glass is often part of the ASMR experience, even if it is stereotyped as annoying.
  • Turn pages. Paper rust, newspaper pages, and reading books are all always preferred in the ASMR gene.
  • Eat. Some ASMR videos contain scenes of people eating. Focus on the sound of chewing or making when chopping or cooking food.
  • Quiet sound. Fireplace cracks, paper rust, hair combing-all these simple noises are regularly heard in ASMR videos.
  • Roleplay. Some videos include an artist pretending to be a hairdresser or chef, conversations with viewers, and role-playing games such as performing tasks such as straightening hair or washing vegetables.
  • Doing Tasks. Videos with assignments such as cooking, painting, or painting are also common. The microphone is placed next to the moving parts of the video, such as scribbling with a pen on a hot skillet or paper, so the sound is effectively recorded.

ASMR Video Recording Tips 

Good quality microphone 

Buying a high-quality ASMR microphone is important for ASMR video. The days have passed when the wrong micro could escape. Competition in the YouTube ASMR niche is increasing rapidly these days, and advanced ASMR microphones and the best video scripts can give you a competitive edge.

Most people look for ASMR to improve their sleep. So, you can do without the most expensive cameras, but you should have a high-quality ASMR microphone!

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Breathe away from the microphone

When recording the ASMR trigger sound, take your breath away from the microphone to reduce the recording noise. Whistle and explosives can be the biggest obstacles to the recording. Speak your shoulders into the microphone and learn how to use a pop filter to further reduce this noise.

Late-night video recording

Depending on where you live, too much distraction and background noise can occur during the day. The sound of a car, television, or someone knocking on the door during recording can interfere with the flow, which can be very frustrating. So, most ASMR professionals record videos late at night to get rid of these unwanted sounds.

Practice the script before recording

If you are in the role of ASMR, it is also important to have a good script and run it perfectly. So, before you start recording a video, think about what triggers or actions you run the script and perform at specific times during the video. 

For better ASMR recording you need a soundproof room because a soundproof room safe your recording from external voices and enhances the quality.

Use good editing/writing software

Learn video and audio editing software from scratch. It will be very useful later. Try Audacity for audio editing and Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.


Don’t try too hard

Start with what you like. Include the ASMR trigger you like best for your video or give it an ASMR. After learning the basic trigger, try experimenting with other triggers. You will find it gets better and better over time. Stay consistent in your ASMR video production and schedule it to suit you. Not only does this help improve, but it also helps you reach more potential customers in the long run.

Create non-original content

If you’re looking for a small audience of more than one, it’s best to record a video on a topic that someone has already created. It’s great to find something very popular. For example, a cranial nerve examination, role play with a doctor, etc.

Creating an original video at the start of your channel will reduce the number of people you are looking for and waste your effort. The more videos you record, the more experience you get, so one day you can waste great ideas without editing experience, or you don’t know what your audience is like or how good you are.

Role-Playing is Okay

As ASMR videos exercise both psychological and physical muscles, it’s common to see role-playing, slow movements, and gentle face expression in them. The majority of role-playing cases are linked with real-world experiences, mostly involving care in a quiet and safe environment. Some popular environments include a healthcare clinic, hair salon, and spa.

 ASMR is a quiet different format, but it’s very interesting and can be an effective way to stand out among a sea of content creators. As a creator yourself, you can do a variety of things, like eating messy meals, brushing a doll’s hair, reading a book, etc. Just don’t be loud.


It is difficult to explain to people who cannot experience ASMR emotions. ASMR has many advantages in its reflective state, and pleasant knitting is a bonus. If you can’t test your ASMR, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you’re crazy. You may not have found the trigger you are looking for yet. 

Also, the ASMR must be taken from an external source. For example, you can’t give yourself an ASMR by stroking your hair. For a similar experience, you can use a massager and experience ASMR in real touch and real personal interest. Some people think the video and audio files aren’t realistic enough and should be tested in practice.