A Guide to Megaphones

When trying to reach a crowd, the sound is often not enough. Without help, people’s voices are well heard by 20 to 30 people sitting nearby and wanting to hear them. However, you need a loudspeaker to try to talk to a lot of people, to compete with the noise and voice of the construction industry in the background, or to get someone’s attention from a distance. Law enforcement, fire brigade, and military groups use megaphones. This is because the megaphone is efficient, durable, and easy to use by anyone.

Going back thousands of years, you can find examples of people using parabolic shapes to amplify sounds. Bull horns use the same shape that humans have been healed for thousands of years and are reinforced with powerful electronics. Microphones, amplifiers, speakers, and Bluetooth connections can all be used for more than just speaking out loud.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Megaphone

Anyone who has already heard someone speaking through headphones should understand how to reduce hearing loss, but some are clearer than others. You might think that all headphones are portable, but in reality, there are many portability options. 

Loudspeaker Effect

The power of a megaphone is typically 5 to 50 watts. In general, the more power, the higher the system. On the other hand, very loud speakers require energy. With a 50 watt megaphone, you can see that the sound is also loud and powerful. If you want a loud sound, you need the power to drive it and the will or means to handle the extra energy consumption.

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Battery and microphone power

How is the battery used in the megaphone? Would you like to replace a lot of AA batteries? Are batteries included? How long can I charge the battery before it runs out? Sometimes it seems like a cheap price until you realize that megaphones are burning their batteries at a tremendous rate. Some megaphones designed exclusively for vehicles can be connected to a car charger or similar adapter, so no battery is required.

Another important feature for many users is the detachable microphone. Using a detachable microphone provides convenience and keeps 6-pound objects from getting trapped in front of your face when talking. With a detachable microphone, you can hold the microphone over your face and point your horn wherever you go.

Also, in the center of the face, you can see people in conversation without interference with a barefoot cone. If you are yelling from 300 meters away, you may not need this feature, but when you are talking to an audience, making eye contact and seeing your audience is an important part of your communication.


Form and design

You might think that all megaphones are the same, but you’ll be surprised. Changing the watch face changes the device’s sound wavelength and range. For example, a narrower horn can compensate for lower power by focusing on the sound produced. The result is a more efficient speaker range with less power consumption.

You can also manually adjust the weight of the device using the handle angle. The ability to hang your device with a strap or clamp can be useful if you opt for a megaphone heavier than what you want to carry. It’s difficult to see products online and measure things like quality building, but you can get this information from product reviews.


Shouting with a megaphone isn’t always the best way to get someone’s attention. It’s often easier to quickly label with a siren. Loud sirens convey the message that you don’t need to understand words. Modern megaphones have a lot of bells and whistles that you can use to achieve this effect. But, how loud is the alarm when it comes to the conversation speaker? Can I adjust the alarm volume myself? Or are you stuck in a good position? Where exactly is the panic button? Small details make a subtle difference to user-friendliness.

Size and weight

Megaphones are versatile in portability. Most weigh under 10kg, but wearing a few kilograms close to your face can be tiring. If a battery is included, you need to consider exactly how heavy your device will be. Also, the ability to store, carry and hold megaphones cannot be completely ignored. To do this, you can sometimes find a megaphone with a shoulder or wrist strap to facilitate carrying.

Special function

What you need to know about the Megaphone is how loud it is. A good megaphone has a loud voice and the siren is louder. In addition to the high volume, you can also find an additional input to connect an MP3 player, microphone, or another audio source for amazing volume playback. The cherry on the top is a plug powered by a cigar lighter car. If you want to use a loudspeaker in your car, you can use it without batteries.

Other things to consider

Besides the above features, you may want to look at the following aspects when buying a megaphone to drive your message phone:

Recording: Some models can record and give out messages in a playback mode. If you want yourself repeating an announcement, this can be a lifesaver.

Alarm: Want to get people’s attention? Look for an alarm-equipped megaphone that’s more noticeable (and louder) than your voice.

Flexible microphones: If you frequently find yourself wanting to project the megaphone in various directions without moving here and there, look for a model with detachable microphones. It will allow you to lift the horn high or away from your body without needing to move much.

Clear bells: If you want to keep track of where you’re going, get a megaphone with a clear bell. It will keep you informed of events as you’re on the move. 

Watts: Get a megaphone with enough power by estimating the size of the area the crowd you want to address will occupy. Gatherings covering a big area will mean you’ll require more watts. If in doubt, it’s best to overestimate your power needs. You don’t want any people in your crowd miss out on that all-important message.