How Music Affects Our Lives

Music, as a form of art, is something that has accompanied humanity from the early stages. Such a crucial part of our culture, it is also a preferred way of expression for many of us. There is a lot we can tell from a beautiful melody and being able to do that makes life a little bit better.

It’s quite safe to assume catchy tunes brighten your days as well. In fact, as long as you don’t suffer from amusia, and this is how scientists call a specific impairment in perception that can prevent you from enjoying music, chances are you appreciate the benefits of a good song. Perhaps, you may even have your favorites to listen on a bad day or regularly.

It is also true that music brings us closer together. It enhances the experience of living, even in simple pleasures like cooking and eating. It lets us live in the moment and helps create magical memories.

But the power of music can manifest itself in a more practical fashion. Some people find it easier to concentrate while listening to mellow tunes or their favorite songs to help them get through some mundane tasks, focus on some detail-oriented work or make learning more efficient (or bearable). It could be a nice accompaniment while going about our daily routine, as athletes have proven. For professional poker players, for instance, music can be beneficial because it engages areas of the brain responsible for paying attention and making predictions, which are crucial features to have in this game.

Without a doubt, our minds tend to be influenced by the kind of music we listen to, sometimes in manners we intuitively knew it would. For instance, we know it comforts us when we are in a bad mood, and it is a great company while working out, etc. However, what we have come to learn is that ambient noise not only helps some people fall asleep but also, improves abstract processing, resulting in higher creativity. Undoubtedly, science will continue to explore new ways in which music has a significant influence on our health, including shaping up mental state. The truth is, however, that it would have been worth it even without all those benefits.