Best Musical Games for Your Parties

You have to deal with people of all ages at the party and make sure you have something for everyone. And who does not want to make their party more fun? One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding some musical games.

And if you are not sure what musical games to play at your parties, do not worry! In this article, we have come up with the best musical games for your parties. All you need is a speaker, access to Spotify/ YouTube, a phone, and some party guests, of course! 

Children give you a difficult time at parties, so most of the games we have listed are for the kids. They are fun, uncomplicated, and engaging. Adults can play these games too and get a chance to strengthen their bonds with the kids. Out of several available options, the following are some of the best musical games for parties.

1. Party Island 

This game has a similar concept that of musical chairs. The only difference is that when the music stops, the guests have to stand in the center on a party island in this game. The last standing guest on the island will be the winner.

You can also use newspaper sheets as a party island. With each round, the participants have to fold the sheet in half until a few cannot balance on the small piece of newspaper sheet. The participants that lose the balance are then out of the game, and the last one remaining on the sheet of newspaper is the winner.

2. Poison Apple 


It is an entertaining game for wizard/witch or princess-themed parties. Get the kids to stand in a circle and ask them to pass the apple from participants to participants as the music plays. And when the music stops, the kid holding the poison apple pretends to take a bite from it and then falls on the ground. 

The kid, then bewitched by the poison, pretends to fall into a deep sleep. The participant who performs the most dramatic collapse gets to be the winner of the game.

3. Disco Musical Statues

This one’s a timeless, simple game, and you do not have to buy anything. Ask the kids that they have to dance to the music, and when the music stops, they have to stay as still as possible. And if anyone is caught moving, he will be out. As a judge, try to make the kids giggle by staring at them or pulling a funny face.

You can also match your musical statues game to the theme of your party with a particular music theme or fancy dress.

4. Spin the Microphone / Truth and Dare

Spin the microphone is more like a classic game of truth and dare. In this game, the participants stand in a circle and put the microphone in the center. You do not necessarily have to place an original microphone – you can use a bottle too. Spin the bottle/microphone, and whoever it points at must choose between telling a secret and doing a dare.

5. You Have Got Moves! 

It is an entertaining dancing memory game that starts with kids standing out in a circle, and then a participant gets chosen to go first. He/she has to perform a captivating dance move, and the next participant has to perform that move with the addition of his/her own. 

The game keeps going around the circle, with the dance moves sequence becoming harder and longer. Any participant who forgets the order gets removed from the game. The last dancer standing wins the game and the prize.

6. Limbo Games 

For flexible children, limbo is an ideal game. Make sure there are some soft rugs or cushions for the bumpy landings. You can even play it outside on the sloppy grass. 

7. Musical Chair 

The musical chair is one of the classic games that kids and adults love. For this game, place chairs in a row back-to-back and get the kids to dance around them. And tell them that they have to sit down on a chair when the music stops. Remove one chair in the next round and continue doing it for the rest.

And the child who does not find any chair to sit on gets out of the game. You can also modify this game by using cushions instead of chairs as a safer option.

8. Musical Costumes 

Have kids stand or sit in a circle. The game starts with the music, and the children pass around a bag of random costume pieces, such as hats, wigs, glasses, gloves, and feather boas. When the music stops, the participant holding the bag takes out an item from it and puts it on. The winner is the individual wearing the wackiest costume.

9. Sing-Along

It is an excellent game for younger children. Songs like if you are happy and you know it, the wheels on the bus, row the boat, hokey cakey, and “oranges and lemons,” are among the favorites of young children. And for older children, give karaoke a go.

10. Lip Syncing Competition 

For this game, use a music streaming platform, such as Spotify or SoundCloud, and two pretend microphones will be all you need. Split the guests into pairs, and each pair select a well-known song to perform. To prepare the routine, give the teams some time and motivate them to think about facial expressions and dance moves. Then every team performs for the other party guests on their turn. 

You can nominate a person as a judge who decides the winning team, or you can use the applause and reaction of the audience to pick the most popular performance.

11. Pass the Parcel 

Wrap a prize or parcel with several layers of wrapping sheet. Alternate the patterns of the wrapping sheets and attach a small reward or sweet to each layer. Having so many layers makes it possible for many kids to get a chance to unwrap a layer. It is a simple game; you have to pass the parcel in a circle when the music starts. When the music stops, the person who has the parcel gets the chance to unwrap a layer. Continue till the last layer gets unwrapped, revealing the prize. 

12. Dancing Competition 

Grab a playlist of the favorite songs of the children and get them to dance to these songs. Pick out the best girl and boy dancer for each played melody, and they will get the prize.

13. Strictly Come Dancing 

Split the kids into teams of four and give them the challenge to come up with a dance routine as a team. Provide them a few dressing-up accessories like hats, feather boas, sunglasses, and pretend microphone to begin things off. The best group of dancers win the prizes.

14. Musical Noises 

Collect a selection of musical instruments like a recorder, tambourine, harmonica, toy drum, triangle, or mini keyboard, and demonstrate them to the guest, telling them the names of each instrument. Then hide behind a chair or a sofa and get the group to guess the sound of the playing instrument. And at the end of the game, everyone gets a treat. 

This game is more appropriate for the kids. 


There are plenty of musical games that you can enjoy at your parties. The best thing about these games is that they can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. You can choose the games according to your guests and their taste, and they will surely add more amusement to your party.