How to Choose the Right Headphones For You: Tips and Tricks

Headphone use has grown in popularity over the years. However, the first recorded headphone surfaced in the late 17th century; the headphone didn’t acquire mainstream status until the (now retro) headphones came with the Sony Walkman player in the 1980s.

Taking a cursory look at the evolution of headphones, one can conveniently affirm the technological advancement that has gone into their products over the years. However, one thing is sure, your style and choice of headphones will determine the output you enjoy or your overall user experience.

What Are the Top Features to Consider When Searching for a Headphone

Searching for headphones to buy is easy; the difficulty is always finding the best one for you. With several options and brands in the market, you must know the basic features when choosing the best one for you. Whether you are buying one to listen to music, an audiobook, or the background song when you play Baccarat, you need something quality.

Pay attention to extrinsic features

Headphones come in different shapes, forms, and sizes these days, and your choice will largely depend on your sense of style and personal preference. To start with, let’s look at the most apparent variations of headphones available in the market.


These tiny forms of headphones sit easily inside your ears and hang on your tragus. They come in both wired and wireless forms. Wireless in-ear headphones are getting common these days with the advent of the Apple Airpods and other brands. However, in-ear headphones generally have smaller speakers and bodies, so they may not be suitable for more serious use, like music production and DJing.

Pro Tip: You may invest in an in-ear headphone if you’re a casual user and want to listen to music recreationally.


These headphones are much larger than in-ear headphones. They feature the traditional headband and double ear cups for listening to music. They are roundish and a bit bulky, designed to fit perfectly on your ear. Although they are pretty portable, they are not as light or small as their in-ear counterparts. They have soft, foamy pads at the part you place on your ear to have a comfortable user experience. This comfortable design also keeps some noise out of your ears when in use.

Pro Tip: If you mean to use your headphones recreationally but are particular about good audio quality, you may want to go for the on-ear headphones.


As the name implies, over-ear headphones cup your ears wholly. They are designed to make you enjoy good music while in use and shut the noise out. So if you’re looking for a perfect music experience that lets you be in your world, your choice should be over-ear headphones. It is the first choice for music producers and Disc Jockeys.

One of its most obvious disadvantages remains its size; it may not be the perfect choice if you’re an athlete that wants to listen to music on the move.

Wired or Wireless

Wireless headphones are trendy due to people’s aversion to entanglement. With the wireless, you can move around with your music, and it gives you comfort while at it. However, the wired headphone has the edge over the wireless because you won’t have to worry about losing sound quality with the wired one. In addition, you don’t have to bother about low batteries and all the issues that come with wireless headphones.

Don’t ignore intrinsic features

The extrinsic features are essential factors to consider when buying one. However, if you are interested in a functional piece, you must pay attention to the intrinsic qualities of the headphone you’re buying. Major intrinsic features to consider include;

Frequency range

If you’re a constant headphone user, it is advisable always to make sure the sound you’re consuming is perfect for your ears. The frequency range has to do with how much sound your headphones deliver to your ears. The generally accepted range is 20Hz – 20,000Hz, which is the prescribed human audible range.

Noise cancellation

Noise cancellation is also called Active Noise Cancellation in some quarters. It is a feature that helps you completely shut out the world and immerse yourself in your music. It is a common feature of over-ear headphones because the others have physical impediments to achieving noise cancellation.

What Other Tips and Tricks to Consider When Buying the Best Headphone?

While the intrinsic and extrinsic features are vital to getting the best from the numerous headphone brands, they are not enough. Other tips and tricks that can help you in the market include:

  1. Test a new headphone by playing 3 to 4 genres to know how they do in the highs and lows of music. Think Rock, Reggae, and Blues.
  2. If you’ll be using your headphones for hours, it’s best to get one with comfortable foam pads. Test several options to see which one fits and sits well on your ear.
  3. Brands are not overtly as important as the output, except if you have the money or like popular options like Dr. Dre.
  4. Lastly, clean out your ear thoroughly before testing multiple headphones.


Indians have music as one of the top things they love, and that’s why many are showing interest in getting headphones. However, knowing how to choose from the many headphone brands in the market is essential. Start with the extrinsic features, as you will want something fashionable. Then, check the intrinsic features that determine its functionality before buying.