How to Make a Music Channel on YouTube

Across the face of this vast world, we rarely find things as famous as YouTube. A video-streaming platform owned by Google, YouTube has a staggering number of over a billion uses it every day. That’s almost one-third of the total traffic on the Internet. On mobile devices alone, YouTube reaches more people in the US than any cable network.

What is this phenomenon called YouTube, and why is everyone crazy about it? Well, the answer could be the simple fact that there are millions of channels on YouTube for any category imaginable. From complex lectures of astrophysics to a humble music channel of a guy playing guitar, YouTube has it all. YouTube channels are run by individuals who want to share their knowledge and talent with the world and huge companies that showcase their businesses. 

How Does YouTube Work?


YouTube allows its users to upload, watch, share, maintain a playlist, comment, and even report the content. There are two types of users on this platform – registered and unregistered. While unregistered users can watch unlimited hours on YouTube, they cannot upload their videos, nor can they comment under others’. Registered users must prove that they are above 18 to upload their content.

Most people use YouTube to kill time or get information about something. But some earn from their YouTube channels too. These earnings are based on viewership and subscribers – the more you have, the more money you will make. According to YouTube Partner Program (YPP), there are four basics requirements for getting YouTube monetization: 

  • You should have at least 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.
  • You must have 4000 hours of Watch Time on your videos in the last 12 months.
  • You must comply with all YouTube policies.
  • You must have an AdSense account.

These rules may sound simple, but many YouTube policies could be easily violated. One such example is the issue of copyright content. 

You must have watched many videos with cool, groovy music in the background. Where does that music come from? Although many royalty-free platforms allow their users to download content for free, not everyone wants their content to be used without paying a reasonable cost. We recommend you click the following link to avail of third-party services that will allow you to download videos without watermark.

Music Domination on YouTube


According to a survey conducted from January 2017 to February 2017, 68% of the US population used YouTube to stream music. Among these, 91% of users were between 12 and 24 years of age. 

Another survey done by 2018 showed that music might be the shortest category, but it also makes the most money and generates the most views. Unlike the common perception that gaming is the most viewed, music is viewed by most people. This is because it requires YouTube to spend more money on hosting gaming videos. 

There is more than one kind of music channel. Some channels are owned by people who create their content and share it with the world. They may or may not be sponsored, but they can be a flutist or a boy band. On the other hand, channels promote others’ content by uploading clips and videos. They do that while giving credits to the original content creators. Many channels with considerable followers do that to motivate and introduce new talent.

So How Do You Make Your YouTube Breakthrough As A Musician?

Make Your YouTube Breakthrough As A Musician

Making a Google account and connecting it with YouTube is easy. Creating a channel for a specific category, such as music, and maintaining it to attract enough audience – well, that’s another story. There is a ton of homework that needs to be done beforehand so that you don’t get stuck on the way. We have compiled a step-by-step guide for you to follow to create a perfect music channel on YouTube:

  • Choose a Suitable Name

We assume that you must know what kind of music you want to share with the world. Based on that, choose a name that best suits your content. If your content is more towards soft music and rhythms, SoulMelodies seems fair. More towards rock and bass? Rocknroll4ever sounds good.

  • Choose the Music Style

Among the categories provided by YouTube, choose the ones related to your content. You can select more than one, but it’s up to you. But the more dedicated a channel is to less genre, the more chances it has to attract the right kind of audience.

  • Channel Art

These include the banner and the channel icon. It would be best to make them both according to your personality and content. You must take care that they should be your creation so that you may not get copyright issues later on. Make a catchy logo for your channel. It is best if your logo has a unique design.

  • Upload Your Content

Make an appealing thumbnail for your videos. If the video is of happy music, make a cheerful thumbnail. Thumbnails are essential because these are the ones that represent your video. This is where you need to decide what form of content you will be uploading. If it is:

  • Content from other artists – give proper credits! This is the most important thing that must not be overlooked. If your channel is for sharing already released songs, provide the detailed credentials of artists and where you get the piece from. This should all be mentioned in the Description box.
  • Your original content – make sure that your video is of good quality. No one wants to watch a video with broken pixels. Invest in good quality audio and video equipment. People love to follow aesthetic content.
  • Share Your Channel

Now that you are done with creating your music channel on YouTube, it is time to gather as much audience as possible. You can do this by sharing a clickable link to your channel on your social platforms. Ask your friends to check out your content, suggest them to share it further if they like. As long as your content is good, you will soon get enough Watch Hours and be able to monetize your channel.

YouTube Music Channels – Success Stories

YouTube Music Channels – Success Stories

Believe it or not, many of today’s top singers started from YouTube. It was only a matter of time that some of the videos from these gems got viral, and boom! They’ve hit stardom.

Justin Bieber is one such example. Making his first appearance in 2008, this Canadian boy was soon spotted by agents who signed music contracts with him. Today, “Sorry,” “Baby,” and “As Long As You Love Me” are some of the hits that are to his name. 

Lana Del Ray was known as Lizzy Grant before her success. After getting huge responses on her music videos, she also rose to fame, making her one of the most popular female singers. Her songs frequently chart number one on Billboard.

PSY was nobody until his viral YouTube video “Gangnam Style” rocked people from all over the world. His video is still among the most-watched videos with more than 3 billion views. As a result, his channel got around 6 billion views, making him famous beyond imagination.  Be sure to check out options to purchase YT views.

YouTube & Music – A Perfect Match

The popularity of YouTube and the importance of music among people is like a match made in heaven. As long as there are people who love and appreciate good music, the music industry will only evolve, and YouTube will continue to play an important role. So if you know your way around music, have good taste, and are ready to face the world, why not start from YouTube? It is very convenient, and you will surely enjoy yourself creating something you are passionate about.