Guide to Alboka

A photo of the Alboka Instrument

Instruments have been a significant part of human history that dated back from several years ago. One example of these instruments is the alboka wind instrument. It is difficult to say where or when this instrument had first made its appearance in the Basque Country. In fact, a document had stated that … Read more

Guide to Drum Machine

A photo of a drum machine

The drum machine is an electricdevice that has the ability to imitate  sounds, beats, and patterns of a percussion instrument. It can also produce unique sounds, including synthesized electronic sounds. As well as that, this modern drum machine allows the user to create their own beat pattern and rhythm. In fact, this … Read more

Guide to Adungu

The Adungu instruments in Northwestern Uganda

Uganda is known as one of the friendliest nations in Africa. Not only that, you can enjoy the sceneries, but you can also harvest honey, hunt antelopes, and go to a sacred cave. Aside from their rich tradition and culture, the place of Uganda is also known for their dances and music. … Read more

Guide to Air horn

Air horn in Merseyside Maritime Museum in the U.K.

An air horn is a sound-producing device by air under pressure. It is initially designed to create a sound for several purposes, like signaling as well as for music. This device has a source that produces compressed air that passes into its horn through its diaphragm. This compressed air that passed through … Read more

Guide to Agogo

A photo of an Agogo Double Bell

The Agogo is probably the oldest samba instrument that originates from the West African Yoruba. It is an instrument that was used in music of the religious ceremonies in Yorubaland, based on beliefs like Candomble, an Afro-Brazilian religion. However, nowadays, the Agogo was not only used in Yoruba and Edo music, but … Read more

Guide to Alphorns

A man playing the Alphorn

Did you know that the shepherds initially used the Alphorn instrument? Back in 1595, a painting from the Emmental Valley shows a man blowing Alphorn. Aside from that, in 1754, an engraving shows a shepherd blowing an alphorn to motivate the cows in their climb on the Alps.Aside from motivating and calling … Read more

Guide to Castanets

A photo of black Castanets

The instrument castanet has a variety of names depending on the region or place where it is used. Castilians call these instruments castanuelas, while the Andalusians, as well as some flamencos, call thesepallilos.The castanet instrument was also referred to as ‘clackers’ in the United States. The castanets were also used in Swiss, … Read more

Guide to Drums

red drums

No band can do without a drummer. A drummer is the heartbeat of any band who takes up the audience on their feet and ends the show with a piece that leaves the listeners banging their heads. If you have a knack of music and drumming is your call then it is … Read more