Why Vinyl will never go out of style

Vinyl will forever have a lasting impression on american history when it comes to music and culture. In fact, Vinyl records are a part of the whole world’s music and culture history and it was a time in history where music was truly authentic and organic.

There is nothing like putting a record on a record player and listening to music that way because it almost seems fake. The music these days are downloaded and listened to literally in a matter of seconds and that can take away from the appreciation that music needs to be truly felt instead of just listened to.

The new generation likes to think that vinyl is so old school and not as cool because it came from the 70s and 80s. There is more sentimental value behind collecting vinyls and the work that comes behind it. Anyone can download music and sit on the couch but the process of which vinyl collecting requires is a beautiful process that gives the music the appropriate amount of appreciation needed to listen to music.

1. Vinyl is Authentic and vintage

When putting yourself out there and going shopping and even if you are not necessarily trying to find vinyls it can be easy to come across vinyl when you either stop in a bookstore and or a vintage music store. When you find yourself in those situations and you stumble across an older box that has hundreds of different vinyls and records in it you quickly feel like you have hit the jackpot.

Finding a rare box of vinyl can quickly feel like you are being shot back into history and understand the amount of effort it took to find and play music back in the 70s and 80s. The appreciation behind the vinyl industry is zero to none and there is no way of replicating that feeling with typical downloaded music we listen to today.

Authentic music just simply sounds better when the needle finally hits the vinyl and it is hitting the groves and cracks before letting out the most natural sounding music that you can not replicate. The single fact that vinyl players sound the same as they did 30 years ago shows that they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

2. Quality of Sound

The amount of times that people have said “ vinyl sounded one hundred time better!” then the typical downloaded music is ridiculous. If you were given a dime for everytime you heard that you would probably be rich and collect more vinyl. The sound is just different, something about the rustic but also clear feature gives off this sound that makes it sound like you are truly in concert listening to the artist yourself. It is truly the closest you can get to live music without any live music.

3. Memories behind Vinyl and the Aesthetics Behind it

When using vinyl there is nothing but jaw dropping features that comes with it. Listening to vinyl is like diving into a whirlpool of memories that can take you back years into the pass. You can not replicate the memories given to you when you listen to a classic vinyl; it is like no other sound you can find.

When listening to a vinyl you can imagine what it was like when your mom was listening to music when she was younger and same with her mom. When having a vinyl player in your house it shows that you have taste and really ties your place together with a classic vintage appeal that no one can resist.