Guide to Keyboards

playing a keyboard in a band

The keyboard is a versatile instrument, as you can use it to play the softest classical music and you can also play it on the loudest electronic dance music (EDM) if you want to. Similar to the guitar, the keyboard serves as a beginner’s instrument due to how it is easy to … Read more

Are Waterproof Speakers Really Waterproof?

Are Waterproof Speakers Really Waterproof

Waterproof speakers are some of the coolest gadgets to add to your home sound system. While they can be used anywhere just like any other standard speakers, waterproof speakers are especially great addition for outdoor events, especially pool, beach and hot tub parties. There are also waterproof speakers that are designed to … Read more

Nuraphone Wireless In-Ear & Over-Ear Headphones

Apple AirPods Max

Are you craving for a more personalized highly tuned sound experience whenever you listen to music? Allow these Nuraphone Bluetooth headphones to let you indulge in listening to your favorite music with a crisp clear sound suited to your hearing. By using these headphones, you will discover the perfect sound that absolutely … Read more

Infographic on How To Pick Your Headphones

Infographic on How To Pick Your Headphones

Headphones are used to listen to sound and music from our audio devices. They are helpful in keeping sounds private to avoid disturbing other people especially in public places. There are times when the audio device you buy comes with a bad quality headphone or sometimes none at all. Or there will … Read more

Tips for Earbud Safety

A Few Trollishly Ideas To Create Content For SMM

Most people today always have their earbuds on when listening to music from their phones and other gadgets. They listen to music wherever they go and whatever they do such as when commuting, while exercising, and while working. This is evident especially to younger ones. It’s their way to zone out from … Read more