Taking Care of and Protecting Your Audio Devices

Audio Devices have become more popular because many of them have gone wireless. You’ll find that not only teenagers or young adults but also the older generation accessorize with wireless headphones, earphones, and even Bluetooth speakers.

These devices haven’t just become a fashion statement but also a necessity. Many people make use of them when exercising, at parties, and even when they’re at work. Due to the improvement of their look, feel, and functioning, their pricing has also increased. Protecting them, therefore, makes a lot of sense.

How to Take Care of Audio Devices

There are various ways you can do this:

Clean And Care

When it comes to earphones and headphones, we tend to wear them for extended periods. We leave them in strange places and toss them into handbags or gym bags. Yet, we don’t take time to make sure that they are clean or protected.

First, read all the instructions in your device’s user manual to see the do’s and don’ts about cleaning.

When using your headphones, earphones, or speakers, it would be advisable to avoid any moisture and even high humidity. Cleaning your devices can be done with a damp cloth and some soap. Care should be taken with the amount of water used.

Wet wipes can be used as well. Dab it dry with a soft cloth or allow to air dry. Give extra attention to the area which comes into contact with your ears. If necessary, you can use an old toothbrush to loosen any dirt stuck in the crevices.

When it comes to speakers, using liquid isn’t advisable. A damp cloth can be used and air dry after cleaning.


For headphones and earphones which have cabling, unplug them after use and before storing them. Irrespective of which device you’re using, your user manual should have guidelines on how best to store them. If there aren’t specific instructions, then you can start by making sure that you keep your items in a safe place. Keeping them dust-free is essential.

If they have a cable attached, you should take special care not to wrap it too tight around anything. The tug and pull on the wire may cause harm. Tangled cabling can also affect the audio of your device.

With speakers, keeping them dust-free is even more important as, over time, it affects the quality of the sound. Try and keep them away from direct sunlight as the heat could damage the electromagnetic coil.

Keeping them static-free is also advisable. Remember to keep your speaker in an area with good airflow, not in a corner. Special precautions need to be taken when in use to prevent them from overheating.


These items can be expensive, so another suggestion to keep them safe would be to have them insured. If they’re stored at your home, it would be advisable to include them in your homeowner’s policy in case of theft or damage, state those at Brokerlink.


In Conclusion

If you want to get the best out of your audio devices, then proper care is essential. Storing them properly and cleaning them regularly will go a long way towards getting value for your money. If stored in your home, then having them included in your home insurance is also a good idea.